Process analysis essay

How to write a process analysis (“a how-to”) essay.

process analysis essayWhat to consider…

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            Do you need a process analysis essay? Does it scare you? Do not panic! Help is coming! First and foremost, what you need to know is what process analysis essay mean. Usually, people are afraid of unknown. As soon as you are acquainted with the term of process analysis, you will find it not that scaring. In fact, you might even like it. Therefore, let the journey begins!

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            Let us make the first stop and have a look at what process essay is. Process essay is about description of some process bit by bit. It goes without saying that there should be an idea or so-called thesis in the essay. Process essay can be directional, which directs a reader on the way of how to do something and informational, which tells how something works. For example, how to make a custard filling for a cake made of thin layers of pastry may be a topic for a directional process essay. As for a example of informational process essay, how machine making frozen pancakes works might be a good one. Read more … »

GED essay

How to write an essay for General Education Development (GED) test.

ged essayTo begin with, let us say what General Education Development test is. It is a bunch of tests on four different subjects, passing which allows getting Canadian or American academic skills of high school-level. A test-taker should be at least sixteen years old to be able to pass the tests. Those subjects are language arts, mathematical reasoning, science and social studies. A test taker is given 150 minutes for language arts including a 10-minute break and 90 minutes for each out of the rest. It is allowed to re-take each test up to three times. There is no time limits in re-passing the tests; a test taker has to pay a fee for each trial though. The passing score is 150 for each subject. In case English is one`s second language, it is possible to pass the tests in Spanish. There are also special accommodations for people with emotional, physical needs and special learning. The results are available in three hours after passing the tests. Read more … »

Controversial essay

How to write a controversial essay.

controversial essayHead-note

            It is definitely a challenge to write a controversial essay especially writing for the first time but it is as interesting as challenging! Are you up for a challenge? Then let us get started! As a rule, a controversial essay covers a matter people already have a clear idea of. What you need to do is to combine viewpoints with factual information and evidences for readers so they could observe both sides of the matter. Another purpose is persuasion of the readers that your point of view is happen to be.

 “Into the woods”

            If you choose to write a controversial argumentative essay with a purpose to make your reader agree with your opinion, you need to pick a topic you feel strongly about and are able to give strong justifications and persuasive arguments. The matter should be hot, burning, something of a current interest. Make up a thesis statement. Every kind of essay should have one and put it in your introductory paragraph. There is no way it can be a question but a solid stand on how you see the matter you chose to write about. It has to be concise and drastically made. Pay special attention to it as long as it is the most important part of your essay you are to start from, the model you are going to dress up in the garment of your own design. Your essay is going to be like clothes made to measure. Read more … »

Classification essay

How to write classification essay.

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You have a new assignment today. A classification essay is what is required. This type of an essay is all about division and organization the essay into categories in order to give the classification of something you chose as the topic of your essay. The categories should be useful, put in logically, following the same organizing principle with examples given. The range of themes for classification essay vary just because many things are possible to classify. Even people are divided into classes and it is not only about their social set-up but cultural as well. For instance, you could hear that New Yorkers happen to be rather rude, Westerners are fond of the great outdoors and Newfoundlanders are known for telling funny stories. All you need to do is to pick a topic you know well in order for your essay to be interesting and entertaining for your reader. That is in case your purpose is to entertain. It can be to persuade or inform as well.
The classification/division essay is differ. For example, if you are going to write about component parts of some device, that is a division paper.
In case, your subject is easier to understand through related things in the context, let us say, types of tea – then it is a classification paper. Read more … »