Reflection ( reflective ) essay

How to write a reflection essay.

           reflection essay Before actually writing a reflection or reflective essay, one should know a definition of a reflective essay and what lies within it. A good reflective essay is about observing and examining the progress of the individual experience of a writer. It analyzes and explains the writer`s development and discusses the future aims and goals.

Quite often, when you hear a reflection essay you think of a portfolio representing someone.

Usage of a descriptive language is important here.

A thesis statement is required for a self-reflective essay you write on.

Any writing style is applicable.

Writing a reflective paper assume a shape of a journal, personal reflective essay, learning log, reaction paper.

A common structure is as following:

Introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

The introduction should be no longer than one paragraph. Let your reader see the purpose of your essay but with no details included as for the body of your writing. It has its challenges, key features, getting an appropriate right language, using of academic evidence as long as it is one of the forms of academic writing. Read more … »