Compare and contrast essay

How to write compare and contrast essay.

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I believe it is worth mentioning what essay is, first. Therefore, an essay is a writing on some topic, which you choose or was asked to write about beforehand. There are different kinds of essay. Those can be analytical, expository, narrative, argumentative, persuasive, definition, classification, descriptive, sequence, choice, explanation, evaluation, compare and contrast. Quite a variety, huh? Either way, today I would want to pay your attention to the latter in the list kind of essay namely compare and contrast essay. As for the topics for compare and contrast essays, they may be different. It may be art, poetry, literature, for instance classical sample of Romeo and Juliet, something for kids, dogs and cats after all. Everything depends upon the situation whether you were told to write on some particular topic, what you need it for. For example, you are a student and this is your task for the middle, high school or college. This may be your initiative, let us say, you are a writer and writing essays is your specialization or hobby.

compare and contrast essayThere are plenty of examples and tips on how to write this kind of an essay along with others types of essay in general. How to start writing one? Well, first, make sure you came up with some ideas and picked the topics. There should be two of them to compare and contrast in your essay. More often than not, we are frightened before the new task overall and before writing something in particular because we think we cannot make it. It always seems as if it is doomed to failure before we even started. It seems as if it is not even worth trying. Not everyone was born talented in writing. I would say, everything is worth a shot. Well, almost everything. Read more … »