Writing an essay

How to write a good essay.

            There is a stereotype that an essay is a piece of literary writing, that only schoolchildren and students are those ones who write essays as an assignment at schools, colleges and universities. Normally they hate it because it is time consuming to think it over and come up with something worthy and up to the point so the teacher was satisfied and gave a good mark. Writing can be pleasurable. Are you surprised? Try for yourself then. Once you get started, you might begin to enjoy it and write not only because of being assigned to write but also just for yourself, for your pleasure, it might become your hobby or have a great influence on a choice of your future profession. Needless to say, that to be able to write well, which means interesting and entertaining, one should read a lot to have a copious vocabulary unless you have a good imagination. Why not? It is entirely possible. One way or another, reading does not hurt but is rather useful habit. It develops one`s personality and broadens one`s outlook.

Let us return to our muttons, an essay. What is it then you might wonder. You are wondering hopefully because it is a fascinating journey. It is literary related naturally, a composition on a certain topic, written in prose, interpretively, analytically or speculatively. In case you were not assigned on writing on a particular subject, this is where fun begins as long as you may write about anything really. Read more … »