Persuasive essay topics

persuasive essay topicsWelcome to persuasive essay topics world! It is an imaginary land where you can find an answer to any question you might come up with. Or a question, which would never occur your head. Have you ever wanted to visit an imaginary land? Just so there was everything you could ever wished for. Well, now you have such a chance. This is the place, up here and it is open for visitors around-the-clock. See, your dream about imaginary land came true already. The next step is to pick a topic for your persuasive essay from our wide range of topics. What? You forgot it was your primary intension. That is easy to understand and we are glad we made you feel how actually easy and free you may feel yourself here. We are sure you can do it and pick something on here. Enjoy your trip!

  1. Should there be Russian language among the options of languages on the menu of the international service? Write a persuasive essay on this topic.
  2. Gary Moore, a man of genius in the world of music. Provide with persuasive essay on this topic.
  3. People tricky covered with freckles are fun. Write a persuasive essay about it.
  4. Redheaded are shameless. Do you agree with this statement? Provide your answer with a persuasive essay.
  5. Is it a good thing to feed homeless animals or do we have to get rid of them? Write an argument persuasive essay.
  6. Should there be such a job opening as an idea man? What kind of vacancy is that? Do you have any ideas?
  7. There are no unattractive women in this world but lazy. What are your thoughts on this point?
  8. Is there have to be a free sample in the store to go with the purchase a customer make every time just so there was a motivation to come again?
  9. Girls are closer to their mothers and boys – to their fathers. Write an argument persuasive essay on this score. Add examples if any.
  10. Does a postcard count as a gift? What is your argument on that point?

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SAT essay prompts

How to write a SAT essay.

SAT essayFirst thing, you need to do to write a good SAT essay is to create a template. Take a stand upon a certain matter and support it with strong arguments providing with relevant examples. You may do it by means of a 5-paragraph essay, which is a classical form of an essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs and, of course, a conclusion. There might be an outline before the introduction, which is a plan of the whole paper serving for easier navigation. It may be a straight arrow essay you feel confident about, and then remove all the particular references to the chosen theme. Make your thesis statement sound so it could be comprehensive but get-a-able and catchy. Then create a prototypical essay with all the specifics being deleted. Creating such a template works very well for introduction and conclusion paragraphs of an essay. It does not have to be a long essay. A short, up to the point is better than a long rambling one. Further, let us consider a tip on writing body paragraphs. Read more … »

Expository essay

How to write an expository essay.

Expository essayFrom A to izzard.


         In order to write an expository essay, one should know how to start and to begin with, let us give a definition of what an expository essay is. Therefore, an expository essay is an analysis made on factual knowledge with no thoughts and emotions of the person writing this essay. There is neither criticism nor argument. There cannot be any maybe, if or whether but how, in what ways, when. It is about explanation, which lies at the heart of the essay`s prompt. It has to be clear and simple which does not mean that it is easy though.

 How it`s made

         Every piece of work in general and an essay in particular contains a thesis statement or, if you please, its main idea within its content and an expository essay is not an exception. When it comes to its structure, five paragraphs are essential to mention. Read more … »