Explication essay

How to write an explication essay.

explication essayTo write an explication essay, one should know the definition of explication. When it comes to explication, an explanation of something is meant. The word itself is of a Latin origin, ex and plicare means out and fold out so, it is unfolding what is placed beneath the text. For the purpose of writing an excellent paper, one should follow certain guidelines.

Start with an introduction to your explication essay. Before that, you should come up with the topic of your essay of course. That along with the thesis statement will be the information you get your reader acquainted with in the introduction paragraph. If that is going to be an explication essay for some short story, for example, “The Gift of the Magi” written by O. Henry, put the title in, the name of the author and provide with a short overview of the story mentioning the elements, which are the most essential. The thesis of your essay is its central, therefore the most important argument. Thus, you need to make it as clear and neat as possible for your readers to get it right. Normally, it is put in the end of the introduction section. Read more … »