Descriptive essay

How to write a descriptive essay.

descriptive essayIntroductory section

  • It is easy to guess that descriptive means a description of someone or something. It is also called expressive essay
  • A descriptive essay stands for a description in a written form. As for the topics, they vary.
  • Anything may be a subject.
  • An outline would not go amiss to organize a descriptive essay and work on it gradually. As a rule, schoolchildren make it look like five paragraph essay. Students at colleges and above are freer at composition and structure.

 Body part

  • When it comes to how to write a descriptive essay, start with a theme selection.
  • To be able to describe, one should be able to observe first. For example, if it is going to be a person, take a good look at this person, have a talk, find out of what type of character this person is along with a description of the appearance.
  • Avoid jumping up and down while describing, meaning that it would not look good if telling about appearance all of a sudden traits of character pop in and then going back to the appearance again.
  • A descriptive essay is about painting some kind of a picture for a reader by means of the author`s senses and descriptive devices.

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