Persuasive essay topics

persuasive essay topicsWelcome to persuasive essay topics world! It is an imaginary land where you can find an answer to any question you might come up with. Or a question, which would never occur your head. Have you ever wanted to visit an imaginary land? Just so there was everything you could ever wished for. Well, now you have such a chance. This is the place, up here and it is open for visitors around-the-clock. See, your dream about imaginary land came true already. The next step is to pick a topic for your persuasive essay from our wide range of topics. What? You forgot it was your primary intension. That is easy to understand and we are glad we made you feel how actually easy and free you may feel yourself here. We are sure you can do it and pick something on here. Enjoy your trip!

  1. Should there be Russian language among the options of languages on the menu of the international service? Write a persuasive essay on this topic.
  2. Gary Moore, a man of genius in the world of music. Provide with persuasive essay on this topic.
  3. People tricky covered with freckles are fun. Write a persuasive essay about it.
  4. Redheaded are shameless. Do you agree with this statement? Provide your answer with a persuasive essay.
  5. Is it a good thing to feed homeless animals or do we have to get rid of them? Write an argument persuasive essay.
  6. Should there be such a job opening as an idea man? What kind of vacancy is that? Do you have any ideas?
  7. There are no unattractive women in this world but lazy. What are your thoughts on this point?
  8. Is there have to be a free sample in the store to go with the purchase a customer make every time just so there was a motivation to come again?
  9. Girls are closer to their mothers and boys – to their fathers. Write an argument persuasive essay on this score. Add examples if any.
  10. Does a postcard count as a gift? What is your argument on that point?

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Thematic essay

How to write a thematic essay.

          thematic essay  To write a thematic or a theme essay, one should stay focused on the given task. Before you begin writing such kind of an essay, pre-writing might help with a better accomplishment of the task. It is important to organize and make an analysis of the information for the task. In addition, it would be useful to look through the rubric of scores. The highest score is five and it is necessary to meet the requirements to get the highest score.

First of all, read the task you have carefully. Pay special attention in order to underline the portions of the information, which are the most significant. You may draw some sort of a table with the aim to organize the information labeling them as the tasks and the heading of the topic you would want to discuss.

Make a thematic essay outline, which will serve well in organization of your paper. As for the further structure, thematic essay has the following sections: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction of your thematic essay makes it clear what you tend to show with your paper. You get your reader introduced with what you are going to talk about through your thematic essay. Do not forget about the title page. Read more … »

Rogerian essay

How to write a Rogerian essay.

            This type of an essay was named after a psychologist Carl Rogers. It belongs to those types of an essay, which is the most difficult to write. Just like any other form of an expository writing, it requires pretty much of the same skills. Essays normally takes up conflict questions and/or have a good mind to persuade with credible argument and a good relevant example going along. Opinions differ. What Rogerian essays do is creating a positive dialogue between people whose points of view are divergent.

rogerian essay   The first thing you should do is to do a research on the chosen topic. Oh right, you need to choose a topic, to start with. Your research on the topic for a Rogerian essay should be balanced. The first part of an essay is an introductory part, which you might outline. Catch your reader`s attention with it. It has to be long enough to answer on both sides` opinions and the topic itself of course. This is where you present your topic; get your reader acquainted with it. You might outline the piece going after introductory paragraph, where you prepare readers to look through arguments with open and calm frame of mind. Read more … »

Process analysis essay

How to write a process analysis (“a how-to”) essay.

process analysis essayWhat to consider…

On your marks!

            Do you need a process analysis essay? Does it scare you? Do not panic! Help is coming! First and foremost, what you need to know is what process analysis essay mean. Usually, people are afraid of unknown. As soon as you are acquainted with the term of process analysis, you will find it not that scaring. In fact, you might even like it. Therefore, let the journey begins!

Get set!

            Let us make the first stop and have a look at what process essay is. Process essay is about description of some process bit by bit. It goes without saying that there should be an idea or so-called thesis in the essay. Process essay can be directional, which directs a reader on the way of how to do something and informational, which tells how something works. For example, how to make a custard filling for a cake made of thin layers of pastry may be a topic for a directional process essay. As for a example of informational process essay, how machine making frozen pancakes works might be a good one. Read more … »

DBQ essay

How to write a dbq essay.

dbqessayNo, it is not a misprint. Stop thinking about barbeque and focus on writing an essay, which is a document-based question essay. This is what dbq stands for.

How to write a good dbq essay you might wonder and here is the answer – keep focused on the assignment. As is the case with a thematic essay we were discussing in the previous article, document-based question essay requires analysis and organization of the information you are going to use for your essay. It is highly important to read the historical background of the assignment you are going to work on in order to make it as effective and credible as possible. Select the most significant moments above all. You might work on it using a table to make it more get-able. You may create an outline in the form of a table for easier perception of the information.

If to speak about format or structure of document-based question essay, it is not different from any other types of an essay. It must contain introduction paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion naturally. Pre-writing, making notes and first drafts are advisable. This is as for how to start a dbq essay. Present historical facts upon the theme in the introduction paragraph to get your readers acquainted with the topic. A thesis statement is also put in the introduction. Read more … »

Five paragraph essay

How to write a 5-paragraph essay.

– It goes without saying that to write a 5-paragraph essay means that there should be 5 paragraphs in the main body of the essay you are going to write. It is better to start your essay with an outline, which will serve as a plan to your essay for easier navigation. Normally, introduction paragraph is what goes afterwards. A reader should see a thesis statement in this section. Describe it in one-two sentences. For example, if that is an essay on bullying, write in the introduction about some accidents connected with bullying and positive results. There might be some story in particular as some sort of a grabber to draw attention. If some particular author, article, book or event is what primary focus is on – you should mention it in the thesis. 5 paragraphs is a classical form of an essay. It is also called a hamburger format. Look 🙂

how-to-write-an-essay-hamburger-style-2-638– After your introduction, each paragraph of your essay should contain an idea, an illustrative example of what you are trying to say, but all the ideas you represent have to coincide with the thesis statement. If that is a 5-paragraph argumentative essay you are writing, then it should contain strong arguments within each body paragraph. To write an intro paragraph for an essay, you should start with a sentence giving some general information about the idea you are going to talk about as if introducing your reader with your thought and then goes information that is more detailed. There should not be too many details though to avoid information overloading. The same with the second body paragraph. Select another idea in support of your thesis this time to represent here. Avoid sudden drops. Make it sound smoothly. The third paragraph represents the weakest argument but also with an example to see. The paragraphs you are writing have to flow. Read more … »