Body paragraphs of an essay

How to write body paragraphs.

           write-your-body-paragraphs Body paragraphs are the middle layers of the “sandwich” called essay. You narrate, explain, describe, and analyze in these paragraphs the topic you have chosen to write about in your essay. What you need to think over is the arguments you will provide with to make your essay credible and effective and give relevant examples to support your arguments. To cut it short, what you do is put your ideas and thoughts into body paragraphs of your essay. Thus, if you are going to discuss two issues, you need to make two body paragraphs, three issues – three body paragraphs and so on.

If to speak about the structure of the body paragraphs, it is the same despite the type of the essay you are to write. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence (at least in academic essays), which is an opening of sorts of the body section and the idea itself. Make sure every argument you give has an example or few to support it as long as it cannot count as relevant when no examples are given. Under every point you make, leave some free space for few lines of the point`s elaboration. Elaboration means further explanation, discussion or description of the issue. It is up to you but you may feel free to add a summary sentence into each body paragraph. It is not something, which is compulsory but such kind pf sentences might sound puffy. Read more … »