Profile essay

How to write a profile essay.

          profile essay  To write a profile essay or personal profile essay, what you need to do first is to interview a person even though this person might be someone you know. Prepare questions for the interview to be able to write it in an organized way. Actually, any subject may be in the center of a profile essay, an event or a place. If to write a profile essay was an assignment for a composition course in a college, two classmates might interview each other to write a profile essay based on the answers. Doing so, classmates introduce one another to the rest of the class getting each other closer.

You might be wondering what it looks like to write a profile essay on an event or a place. Everything is pretty simple. Do not freak out 🙂 To do so, you need to conduct an interview with someone who has been a participant of the event you wish to write on or has visited the place you feel like writing on. There is also another way, which is to visit the place or event by yourself and write a profile essay based on your observations. Read more … »