Define essay

What is an essay?

define assay

An essay is a short literary composition on some topic with analytical or speculative discussion involved. An essay means an attempt, a try and normally has an outline, an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion. It may be a critical study, an editorial, a feature story. It includes in-text citations, transition words, facts, statistics, if that is a research paper, strong persuasive arguments with relevant examples in order if not to convince, then at least to influence on readers minds, to make them think in a new way.

There are different types of an essay. It may be argumentative and persuasive as has already been mentioned; an essay may be descriptive, analytical, definition essay, expository, analysis, narrative, synthesis, personal, reflective, process, informative, compare and contrast essay. Let us have a closer look at each, therefore: Read more … »