GED essay

How to write an essay for General Education Development (GED) test.

ged essayTo begin with, let us say what General Education Development test is. It is a bunch of tests on four different subjects, passing which allows getting Canadian or American academic skills of high school-level. A test-taker should be at least sixteen years old to be able to pass the tests. Those subjects are language arts, mathematical reasoning, science and social studies. A test taker is given 150 minutes for language arts including a 10-minute break and 90 minutes for each out of the rest. It is allowed to re-take each test up to three times. There is no time limits in re-passing the tests; a test taker has to pay a fee for each trial though. The passing score is 150 for each subject. In case English is one`s second language, it is possible to pass the tests in Spanish. There are also special accommodations for people with emotional, physical needs and special learning. The results are available in three hours after passing the tests. Read more … »