Common app essay

How to write a common app essay.

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            The 2015-2016 application season at colleges has already begun and every applicant has a chance to represent himself or herself with a common application essay. Each of us has a story, a background, something we achieved and are proud of or just a little something, some small victories and a set of peculiarities of our own. This is what a common application essay stands for.


            Now think carefully what it is so special about you that makes you different from others and worth writing about. It might take you three minutes as if your life is some sort of a short advertisement we see every day on television or a couple of hours as if your life is a book, a good book, which is required to read. Make sure it is dynamic characterizing you, speaks out who you are but not some other person you would want to resemble. Does watching Miracle on 34th Street every year on Christmas night or before the holidays has any impact on how you see the holiday and Christmas family traditions? Does your pierced face and dyed-pink hair define who you are? Did a famous Scott Schuman`s photo blog inspire you on creating a blog of your own where you would post photos while traveling all over the world commenting on what made you take one or another picture putting it together eventually into a book of the best photo shoots at some point? What are you crazy about and why are you crazy about it? Read more … »