Historiographical essay

How to write a historiographical essay.

historiographical essay

Historiographical essays or historiographic essays are about a description of historical events naturally. It is a history within history written in the form of an essay. Therefore, knowledge of history is required especially of the event you chose to write your essay on. This type of an essay also requires exploration of different sources, which might be contradictory.

historiographicalessayAs for the elements of a historiographical essay, what you need to do first is to present a thesis statement. The thesis statement, in its turn, presents an event at stake, introduces the sources briefly, perspectives and main points to be disagreed of the authors of these sources. It is a part of introduction. There has to be a historic theme you work on. There has to be no question asked in your introduction paragraph on a researched topic. Body paragraphs are about development and elaboration of the main points, pulling out the disagreement some specific ideas, paraphrasing the arguments and making an analysis on the way. Think and write upon why exactly the authors are disagree. A conclusion paragraph is about summarizing what you have found during the work on your paper, make evaluation of your sources credibility, point out which ones are the most valid and what makes them so. Read more … »