Cause and effect essay

How to write a cause and effect essay.

cause-effect-essay— Before working on this kind of an essay, make sure you understand what a cause and effect essay really is. It is easy to guess that there should be a cause and an effect in the essay. It is about why something happens (what caused it to happen) and what is the result (-s) (the effect it made). Writing a cause and effect essay is a good way to organize and discuss ideas.

— First what you have to do is to denote cause and effect. Ask yourself why something happened. It will determine causes. Then, ask yourself what happened as a result. It will determine effect. For example, cause the internet connection failed; effect you will not get the access to the internet.

— There are times when many causes bring about one result, one effect and many effects can appear from one single cause. For instance, causes used to like the language at high school, went abroad at college, have a relative living in there, good at languages; effect choose to major in linguistics. Cause homeworking; effects no need to spend money on travel, flexible schedule, no real-life communication with co-workers and boss. There is such a thing as chain reaction, a causal chain or domino effect though:
— Thinking about job…forgot about friends…they bent out of shape…they stopped calling and texting…became lonely. Read more … »