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  1. Which country has the hottest people? Make a research of your own.
  2. Give your definition of geek. What is attractive about geek men?
  3. There is no punishment for escape from prison in Germany because search for freedom is one of the main human instincts to fight against is useless and reasonless. Give your arguments on that.
  4. Do you think men who like Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde identify themselves with the main character? Give an example based on a true story if any from your life experience.
  5. Doctors cure diseases but health to be get by oneself. Argument upon this statement of Soviet doctor Nikolay Amosov.
  6. Can you agree with the statement that contents of a bag says about its owner and what ideas would you suggest in order to lead somebody up the garden?
  7. Very often men in their 30`s are still unmarried. Write an argumentative essay on this problem in your point of view.
  8. Write an argument essay on women in their 30`s to be still unmarried.
  9. Imagine you are a teacher of foreign language. Write your argumentative essay lesson plan upon how would you make your classes interesting for your students.

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