Extended essay

How to write an extended essay.

extended essayThis type of an essay is also called international baccalaureate. An extended essay is what required by Diploma Program. Students develop their skills in conducting a research independently on a topic, which is interesting for them. The research you do needs to be methodological and planned. Therefore, each student is free to choose a topic he/she likes to write an extended essay on. Nearly 40 hours are given to complete such an essay. Though normally talking to a school supervisor will help with deadlines as long as this is what they do, determine the deadlines.

So, think it over what topic you could possibly write an extended essay on so it looked interesting and complete showing you know the subject well enough. You have to be interested in writing what you chose to write about otherwise it will not work out. The topic you choose has to be specific, not something general. If you happen to be good at math, physics, chemistry, psychology, history or biology – give it a shot and write an extended essay on the topic relating to one of these areas. Read more … »