Synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essay.

            synthesis essayYou might be confused just because of the word synthesis. Who studied biology well knows what synthesis means but even those ones who actually know what it is, find it rather difficult when it comes to writing an essay based on synthesis. To synthesize means to combine, to bring all pieces together. In order to write a good synthesis essay, you should be able to chew on the question you decided to write a synthesis essay on and present it in an organized, get-able form.

First of all, get the concept. Every essay has a purpose. The purpose of a synthesis essay is to make connections between the sections of the work with the aim to present the topic fully. There are different kinds of a synthesis essay, which are argument synthesis essay – it has a strong thesis clearly presenting an author`s point of view. It contains information, which is relevant, based on research, explained logically to support the thesis statement. Read more … »