SAT essay prompts

How to write a SAT essay.

SAT essayFirst thing, you need to do to write a good SAT essay is to create a template. Take a stand upon a certain matter and support it with strong arguments providing with relevant examples. You may do it by means of a 5-paragraph essay, which is a classical form of an essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs and, of course, a conclusion. There might be an outline before the introduction, which is a plan of the whole paper serving for easier navigation. It may be a straight arrow essay you feel confident about, and then remove all the particular references to the chosen theme. Make your thesis statement sound so it could be comprehensive but get-a-able and catchy. Then create a prototypical essay with all the specifics being deleted. Creating such a template works very well for introduction and conclusion paragraphs of an essay. It does not have to be a long essay. A short, up to the point is better than a long rambling one. Further, let us consider a tip on writing body paragraphs. Read more … »