Controversial essay

How to write a controversial essay.

controversial essayHead-note

            It is definitely a challenge to write a controversial essay especially writing for the first time but it is as interesting as challenging! Are you up for a challenge? Then let us get started! As a rule, a controversial essay covers a matter people already have a clear idea of. What you need to do is to combine viewpoints with factual information and evidences for readers so they could observe both sides of the matter. Another purpose is persuasion of the readers that your point of view is happen to be.

 “Into the woods”

            If you choose to write a controversial argumentative essay with a purpose to make your reader agree with your opinion, you need to pick a topic you feel strongly about and are able to give strong justifications and persuasive arguments. The matter should be hot, burning, something of a current interest. Make up a thesis statement. Every kind of essay should have one and put it in your introductory paragraph. There is no way it can be a question but a solid stand on how you see the matter you chose to write about. It has to be concise and drastically made. Pay special attention to it as long as it is the most important part of your essay you are to start from, the model you are going to dress up in the garment of your own design. Your essay is going to be like clothes made to measure. Read more … »