Classification essay

How to write classification essay.

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You have a new assignment today. A classification essay is what is required. This type of an essay is all about division and organization the essay into categories in order to give the classification of something you chose as the topic of your essay. The categories should be useful, put in logically, following the same organizing principle with examples given. The range of themes for classification essay vary just because many things are possible to classify. Even people are divided into classes and it is not only about their social set-up but cultural as well. For instance, you could hear that New Yorkers happen to be rather rude, Westerners are fond of the great outdoors and Newfoundlanders are known for telling funny stories. All you need to do is to pick a topic you know well in order for your essay to be interesting and entertaining for your reader. That is in case your purpose is to entertain. It can be to persuade or inform as well.
The classification/division essay is differ. For example, if you are going to write about component parts of some device, that is a division paper.
In case, your subject is easier to understand through related things in the context, let us say, types of tea – then it is a classification paper. Read more … »