Introduction of an essay

How to write an introduction of an essay.

            essay_introEvery piece of paper in general and an essay of any type in particular begins with an introductory paragraph. The introduction is a map of sorts, which is a guide for readers through the essay. The main point of an essay is a treasure and a reader is a treasure-hunter. Most of the introductory paragraphs start with a statement for orientation. It is general and leading to the topic of an essay and ends with a statement, which is called a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a brief response of an author to the question asked in the essay.

As long as the introductory paragraph is what any essay begins with, it has to be capturing, fascinate a reader`s mind and imagination and makes him/her to where h/she wants to continue. Think over possible hooks to capture your reader. Only then your reader will be unable to step aside and there will be no hesitation whether to keep on going and proceed reading. Read more … »