Define essay

What is an essay?

define assay

An essay is a short literary composition on some topic with analytical or speculative discussion involved. An essay means an attempt, a try and normally has an outline, an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion. It may be a critical study, an editorial, a feature story. It includes in-text citations, transition words, facts, statistics, if that is a research paper, strong persuasive arguments with relevant examples in order if not to convince, then at least to influence on readers minds, to make them think in a new way.

There are different types of an essay. It may be argumentative and persuasive as has already been mentioned; an essay may be descriptive, analytical, definition essay, expository, analysis, narrative, synthesis, personal, reflective, process, informative, compare and contrast essay. Let us have a closer look at each, therefore: Read more … »

Thematic essay

How to write a thematic essay.

          thematic essay  To write a thematic or a theme essay, one should stay focused on the given task. Before you begin writing such kind of an essay, pre-writing might help with a better accomplishment of the task. It is important to organize and make an analysis of the information for the task. In addition, it would be useful to look through the rubric of scores. The highest score is five and it is necessary to meet the requirements to get the highest score.

First of all, read the task you have carefully. Pay special attention in order to underline the portions of the information, which are the most significant. You may draw some sort of a table with the aim to organize the information labeling them as the tasks and the heading of the topic you would want to discuss.

Make a thematic essay outline, which will serve well in organization of your paper. As for the further structure, thematic essay has the following sections: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction of your thematic essay makes it clear what you tend to show with your paper. You get your reader introduced with what you are going to talk about through your thematic essay. Do not forget about the title page. Read more … »