Descriptive essay

How to write a descriptive essay.

descriptive essayIntroductory section

  • It is easy to guess that descriptive means a description of someone or something. It is also called expressive essay
  • A descriptive essay stands for a description in a written form. As for the topics, they vary.
  • Anything may be a subject.
  • An outline would not go amiss to organize a descriptive essay and work on it gradually. As a rule, schoolchildren make it look like five paragraph essay. Students at colleges and above are freer at composition and structure.

 Body part

  • When it comes to how to write a descriptive essay, start with a theme selection.
  • To be able to describe, one should be able to observe first. For example, if it is going to be a person, take a good look at this person, have a talk, find out of what type of character this person is along with a description of the appearance.
  • Avoid jumping up and down while describing, meaning that it would not look good if telling about appearance all of a sudden traits of character pop in and then going back to the appearance again.
  • A descriptive essay is about painting some kind of a picture for a reader by means of the author`s senses and descriptive devices.

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Five paragraph essay

How to write a 5-paragraph essay.

– It goes without saying that to write a 5-paragraph essay means that there should be 5 paragraphs in the main body of the essay you are going to write. It is better to start your essay with an outline, which will serve as a plan to your essay for easier navigation. Normally, introduction paragraph is what goes afterwards. A reader should see a thesis statement in this section. Describe it in one-two sentences. For example, if that is an essay on bullying, write in the introduction about some accidents connected with bullying and positive results. There might be some story in particular as some sort of a grabber to draw attention. If some particular author, article, book or event is what primary focus is on – you should mention it in the thesis. 5 paragraphs is a classical form of an essay. It is also called a hamburger format. Look 🙂

how-to-write-an-essay-hamburger-style-2-638– After your introduction, each paragraph of your essay should contain an idea, an illustrative example of what you are trying to say, but all the ideas you represent have to coincide with the thesis statement. If that is a 5-paragraph argumentative essay you are writing, then it should contain strong arguments within each body paragraph. To write an intro paragraph for an essay, you should start with a sentence giving some general information about the idea you are going to talk about as if introducing your reader with your thought and then goes information that is more detailed. There should not be too many details though to avoid information overloading. The same with the second body paragraph. Select another idea in support of your thesis this time to represent here. Avoid sudden drops. Make it sound smoothly. The third paragraph represents the weakest argument but also with an example to see. The paragraphs you are writing have to flow. Read more … »