Writing an essay

How to write a good essay.

            There is a stereotype that an essay is a piece of literary writing, that only schoolchildren and students are those ones who write essays as an assignment at schools, colleges and universities. Normally they hate it because it is time consuming to think it over and come up with something worthy and up to the point so the teacher was satisfied and gave a good mark. Writing can be pleasurable. Are you surprised? Try for yourself then. Once you get started, you might begin to enjoy it and write not only because of being assigned to write but also just for yourself, for your pleasure, it might become your hobby or have a great influence on a choice of your future profession. Needless to say, that to be able to write well, which means interesting and entertaining, one should read a lot to have a copious vocabulary unless you have a good imagination. Why not? It is entirely possible. One way or another, reading does not hurt but is rather useful habit. It develops one`s personality and broadens one`s outlook.

Let us return to our muttons, an essay. What is it then you might wonder. You are wondering hopefully because it is a fascinating journey. It is literary related naturally, a composition on a certain topic, written in prose, interpretively, analytically or speculatively. In case you were not assigned on writing on a particular subject, this is where fun begins as long as you may write about anything really. Who knows, maybe you are a good writer. You just do not know that yet. The best is yet to come then. Sadly, the essays can be rather upsetting, overwhelming, probably even shocking at some point depending on a theme. It goes without saying that there are not only positive things in this world but lots of negative stuff as well people have to deal with. Some prefer to close their eyes because it is easier to live like that but a good thing about essays is that there is no right and wrong. An author writing an essay may feel himself/herself (let us not discriminate) free to express his/her thoughts just like a reader reading this essay feels free to change his/her point of view after the reading is done or hold a view. Of course, if that is a good persuasive essay, then there is a chance for your reader to be convinced. Then again, it depends upon the kind of person your reader is. Even when it entails writing a college essay or a paper for your job, to write a good college essay just like a well-done office memo is possible. Believe it or not. How? Let us get the party started. Come on in!

Where to start?

What do I write about?

How do I keep the interest going?

How fast should I be in writing?

How long should my essay be?

What is the purpose of it all?

What you need is to relax and calm down. To write an excellent paper, a good college essay, with a good title for essay, including good essay questions, with good transition words for easier navigation through the essay is easy. Just take it to heart, give it a good deal of thought, select a topic you feel strong and confident about and go for it. Think about good attention grabbers for an essay. Come up with a hook for an essay. Those might be some slogans you make up. There are plenty of good topics for essays. For example, “is Walmart good for America”, “what makes a good citizen”, “what makes a good leader”, “should students get paid for good grades”, “qualities of a good teacher”, “is technology good or bad” or “a good man is hard to find” (for ladies especially).

If you study and writing an essay is your assignment, it is inevitable. You will have to do it. Why not to relax and enjoy it? What does not kill us – make us stronger. It is new. What is new might seem scary but it is challenging and it frightens at first only. It is great to meet difficulties and overcome them. Have not you faced situations when you got scared, it seemed too much for you but after you done it, you were laughing about it and still do? Here you go. You will laugh about it as well. Besides, writing does not bite. Even if it did, biting might be nice… Where were we? Oh, right. Essay writing.

How to start a good essay?

how to write an essayThere are different types of essay introductions – you may start with a question, a quotation, a short narrative, a definition of an important notion or term, surprising and interesting fact, setting a scene, a survey or just historical/ background information. Do not apologize, do not announce what you are going to tell about in your essay, get to the point, and let your reader know what it is about by getting into the topic. Do not hesitate using an encyclopedia or a dictionary while writing your essay, just do not make it look as if it is an abstract taken from a dictionary. Make it look readable. Too many definitions makes it rather difficult to perceive. Be confident. Once you know your topic well, there should be no worries as for the content.

Elements or components of a good essay are introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Sometimes, there is also an outline, which works as a plan to the paper overall. No matter what type of an essay you are about to write, and there are many types of an essay we shall talk about later on, each essay has a thesis statement. It should not be a question but a solid statement you are going to give strong arguments about with relevant examples either based on personal life experience or made research. A classical form of an essay is a 5-paragraph essay, which contains introduction (with a possible outline), three body paragraphs and a conclusion section. A thesis statement is put in the introductory paragraph. It has to be on the top preferably. Some think it might be put in the bottom but it is not recommended because it is rather illogical to support something and then put this something in the end. There are always exceptions though. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence (a mini-thesis of its kind); support it with analysis and evidence and the rest of the paragraph you need to make sure the content coincides with the topic sentence. It is strongly recommended to start with the strongest argument. Then, in the conclusion, you need to remind the thesis but avoid repetitions. “Repetition is the mother of learning” but this is not the case. Restate your thesis statement. Feel free to use quotes throughout your paper. Just make sure there are no mistakes. This is what editing and proofreading are for. Check on errors when your paper is done. It would be nice if you had someone you trust and whose opinion matters to you to look through the paper with a fresh eye. You cannot afford any mistakes especially if it is a college application essay.

writing a good essayDo not forget about transition words and phrases the list of which is given below so your essay looked smoothly and neat:

  • Indeed;
  • Furthermore;
  • Alternatively;
  • Much less;
  • As a matter of fact;
  • To say nothing of;
  • In all honesty;
  • Notably;
  • By way of example;
  • As an illustration;
  • On the subject of;
  • In a like manner;
  • Specifically;
  • In other words;
  • Conversely;
  • Above all;
  • But even so;
  • In either event;
  • Instead;
  • Inasmuch as; For as much as;
  • Provided that;
  • As a consequence;
  • In the hope that;
  • That being the case;
  • For a start;
  • Eventually;
  • As a final point;
  • Incidentally;
  • At any rate;
  • As has been noted;

Here are a few more tips for a good essay writing: writing a good argumentative essay, try to avoid “I think”, “in my point of view”, “if you ask me” etc. Transition words like these make your arguments sound weak. Use a quote (-s) from credible sources instead.

Writing a good persuasive essay, make sure there are no counterattacks from the reader`s side possible. The reasons you give have to be solid and convincing.

Showing how well read you are through placing vocabulary words is good but do not run it into the ground. It might have an opposite effect and confuse your reader.

Make it readable, intent starting a new paragraph. The text of your essay should flow like a river. It is important to make your reader feel safe, cozy and nice while reading, truly enjoying it, from the bottom of his/her heart. Sentences should be logical and get-able at the first time of reading. Pay attention to details such as font, for instance. Type in Arial or Times New Roman. It is unlikely for your reader to appreciate struggling with fancy Gothic font even if it matches the Gothic literature you study.

Reading (oh no, reading again) other people`s essay will help in developing a writing style of your own. Just like reading broadsheet newspapers. Develop a critic within yourself. Learn techniques to come to balance in your paper.

If you subscribed to such a thing as word a day email, for example, Merriam-Webster, you would be able to learn from it when you have a spare minute checking your email address. You could create a folder in your mailbox for word emails so it was organized and convenient.

write an essayI do not think that it is needed to remind but importance of appropriate good words to use in essays is tremendous. It will influence on your reader perception of what you were trying to say. If that is going to be a compare and contrast essay (analytical), a good compare and contrast essay, what you need is to provide with features, which will hit the mark so your reader could see and compare the objects of your essay and so the contrast between them was obvious and clear.

In case you need to write a good scholarship essay, you have to make sure all the information you institution, do not you?

To write a good narrative essay requires your language to be fancy but not too much just so your reader was not overloaded with too many vocabulary words. The same thing with writing a good descriptive essay. To give a nice description, it is not enough to simply use “good” or “bad”. Your vocabulary has to be more diversified.

A good topic for a persuasive/argumentative essay will be something, which clearly has an advantage or a disadvantage so there were more arguments and more of a chance your reader to be convinced. For example, the current cinematography hazards.

For a good expository essay, what you need is to have an idea, to investigate it thoroughly, give an evaluation using facts only; no opinions of yours are required. It is also called an informational essay. Contrast and compare type of an essay along with cause and effect one are types of expository essay. Among others, types of expository essay are process-, definition– and classification essay.

An essay may also be a critical review. Depending upon the context, it may be written in either formal or informal form. To evaluate a piece of work is its goal. Whether it is a book or an article. What is important here is your personal opinion. An objective standard is needed though and just like with an argumentative essay your statements have to be proved. How formal it is will be seen according to how much of an essay analysis, summary and your reaction to the piece of work take. More of formality in the review is evaluated also by its place in the context. Newspapers and popular magazines quite often review a piece in financial terms meaning whether it is actually worth of being spent money on to be read or seen. It is all about critical journals to attempt to determine if there was something significant and new about a new play or novel. Both, the importance of a piece and its qualities will be under discussion in a good review.

Literary essay is about a piece of literature naturally, its construction and meaning. It is harder to do than to review even though both are evaluative similarly. While discussing the validity and overall effect in a review, more attention to specifics is paid in a literary essay. You focus on subtext, theme, character, tone, style and structure in a literary essay trying to figure out how and why it is put together the way it is. Adopt your point of view in a form of a question and demonstrate how exactly the details of a composition support your point of view. You read a piece of work, fall under the impression and a literary essay is an interpretation of your own based on what you have read or it may be a mixture of your impressions to the criticism from other people like a research paper. Do not let neither plagiarism nor opinions of some other writers who happen to be more experienced to overwhelm your reply to the work. In case you are going to apply to the critics, read the piece you are to discuss one more time before actually looking at the criticism of any kind.

Organization types of essays are different. Your essay may be organized chronologically, logically, functionally or spatially.

Using some good quotes for essays is always good and is not a plagiarism in any way. Just make sure you put them into quotation marks.

A good topic for a cause and effect essay may be something connected with nature, as global as a global warming for example.

Do not forget about a good title for your essay. It would be awesome if it had a hook, a getter to draw one`s attention at once. If you are free to choose a topic of your essay, there is a bunch of cult movies to write essays on such as The Godfather, Star Wars, Casablanca, Titanic, Miracle on the 34th Street, the Crow and others. There are different types of hooks for essays – starting statement when it comes to good vs evil for example, scenario/anecdote when it comes to courage, a quote taken somewhere from literature, utopia topic for example, analogy if the theme is superficial, there might be a quote taken from another source – insecurity or leadership topic, philosophical musing – individual perception for example, rhetorical question – justice system issues, humorous musing – conformity topic or shocking statistic when it comes to suicide and depression matters.

You may write a draft. Even famous writers and poets covered with writing tons of pages before they were satisfied completely with what comes out. You know how they say, “no pain, no gain”. Therefore, there is no need to worry if it does not work at the first time. Writing is an art. It takes a lot of efforts and patience. You might delete word by word, sentence by sentence until you come up with what you like and what you are sure your reader will find interesting and new. It is a hard process but «when a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream. » Paulo Coelho

Speaking about a good essay format, you might need to write a certain number of words essay but avoid making your reader bored with saying something in twenty words while it is possible to express it in ten. You do not need to put your reader to sleep. Unless it is a lullaby, you are writing 🙂

Avoid using platitudes and cliches just because you have to be different, original, new, something your reader has not faced yet until you. Different types of an essay are peculiar tools of a writer on the way to a right and appropriate conveying of the information. They require different type of writing clearly, depending on the purpose of an essay and sometimes one essay requires few types of writing within itself. Writing may be analytical, chronological, compare and contrast, descriptive, evaluative, summary writing. Analytical means a detailed thoughtful examination made in order to understand the nature of an examined object. Chronological is about the sequence of what happened. Compare and contrast is about differences and similarities between two (normally) people, objects, events or phenomena. Descriptive presents a set of characteristics of somebody or something. Evaluative is about judgment of something. It is not good enough to say that something is tastefully done or poorly made. You need to provide with evidence. Summary is about briefly given information of the significant features of an object.

How to conclude an essay.

            To write a good conclusion to an essay is also an art because if you manage to make it right, your reader will have a right impression and things to think about when the reading is done. This is one last piece, your final shot before pen is down but it is early to rest on your laurels. What is a good conclusion for an essay? This is not the place where you may represent some new thoughts and ideas freely. There is no need to repeat your thesis statement either but to restate it just so it was a reminder as long as your thesis is what you have been proving with your whole essay, then review the factual information presented in the body paragraphs of your essay and it will be an essay to do good! It might be difficult to come up with something what would stand you out among the rest but there is something everyone is good enough at to write an essay about. It is like using funny stories, anecdotes and jokes will show you to have a sense of humor. Although, too much poking fun at yourself may play a low-down trick with you and show you as a person who has lack of confidence instead of being funny, goofy and witty. To give your essay to read to someone you trust is a good idea but giving it to too many people might cloak your own voice.