Thematic essay

How to write a thematic essay.

          thematic essay  To write a thematic or a theme essay, one should stay focused on the given task. Before you begin writing such kind of an essay, pre-writing might help with a better accomplishment of the task. It is important to organize and make an analysis of the information for the task. In addition, it would be useful to look through the rubric of scores. The highest score is five and it is necessary to meet the requirements to get the highest score.

First of all, read the task you have carefully. Pay special attention in order to underline the portions of the information, which are the most significant. You may draw some sort of a table with the aim to organize the information labeling them as the tasks and the heading of the topic you would want to discuss.

Make a thematic essay outline, which will serve well in organization of your paper. As for the further structure, thematic essay has the following sections: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction of your thematic essay makes it clear what you tend to show with your paper. You get your reader introduced with what you are going to talk about through your thematic essay. Do not forget about the title page.theme essay

For instance, here is an example of a global history regents and geography thematic essay: Theme: Geography. Features concerning geographical location can make both, positive along with negative impact on the development of region or nation.

Task: Pick one feature concerning geographical location out of the global history study. Examine how exactly this feature influenced the development of the two regions or nations. Make sure you included peculiar examples from history in your paper.

  • A good introduction for such a thematic essay would be the following:

Japan and Great Britain both belong to island nations. Geographically, they are located in various areas of the planet Earth. Because of the geographic position, these islands and their inhabitants have been influenced similarly. Look, both islands because of being surrounded by large expanses of water were isolated for quite some time and because of being natural harbors, they both practiced imperialism eventually.

            Partly, this introduction is based on the theme but at the same time, it declares of sorts what will be shown with the paper. Pre-writing will help with providing a wealth of information, which can be used in the introduction section. Do not just copy the task or theme. It will get you to where you can receive a low score. There should be a thesis statement in your thematic essay just like in any other type of an essay. A thesis statement usually underlines what lies beneath the essay or what a writer is trying to prove to readers.themeessay

  • Body paragraphs contain details presented in organized manner along with relevant facts and examples.

Do you remember making a table? This is where it will be in help, namely with organization of the body paragraphs and their content. This table will work as a basis for your thematic essay. Check this out:

Task Japan Great Britain
Pick one feature concerning geographical location out of the global history study. Island Island
Examine how exactly this feature influenced the development of the two regions or nations. Natural barrier. Isolation. In need of natural resources. Natural barrier. Protection function. Strong navy army development.
Make sure you included peculiar examples from history in your paper. Opened by USA. Restoration. Asia` imperializing. Invasion failed. Spanish Armada. Revolution in industry. British Empire.

For easier perception, you might choose to make the information in double-color palette so it was not blended in mass. That is in case you perceive information better visually. Make sure each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence. There has to be a supportive evidence as well and, of course, a closing sentence so your body paragraph did not look incomplete. It is needless to say, that every body paragraph you include, should follow this format. You might come up with an additional paragraph (-s) in the process of writing. Be sure you answered all the questions you brought up for discussion.

  • The conclusion tells about what it is the essay showing. You may take some information from the theme and put it into your conclusion section, repeats what is said in the introduction, and shown in the body paragraphs by means of relevant examples. Offer a final thought but no new information is required. Maybe a recommendation (-s). Summarize. It has to be strong to restate your thesis statement.

thematicessayTo create a rough draft would be much of a help because it will help with revision of your essay. Being involved into a process of writing, you might forget about mechanics, grammar and spelling. Your essay has to be readable and revision is what it is for, readable, effective and credible. Avoid expressing opinion of yours. That is what writers do working on expository essays. No slang is allowed. Be specific. It might be a belief system thematic essay. For example, there is a paradox about a fact that people from different religions have been trying to bring others together while people within one religion have been causing conflicts.

The final copy serves as a reflection of you. It is original as long as it is yours and in case, there is no plagiarism. A complete stranger might read it and get to know you through your thematic essay. Essays are the ways to communicate in a written form and the better you write, the better you communicate by means of writing. Coherence is one of the keys to successful essay.

There is always something to strive for and in writing, strive for excellence. Do not be afraid to push yourself, to push the limits. The more you do, the harder you try – the easier it becomes with each and every time you write. No pain, no gain. Avoid meaningless sentences and fluffy words just to reach the necessary word count for your theme essay. No matter how good your essay is, if it does not reply on what was asked it is unlikely you to get a good score.