Synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essay.

            synthesis essayYou might be confused just because of the word synthesis. Who studied biology well knows what synthesis means but even those ones who actually know what it is, find it rather difficult when it comes to writing an essay based on synthesis. To synthesize means to combine, to bring all pieces together. In order to write a good synthesis essay, you should be able to chew on the question you decided to write a synthesis essay on and present it in an organized, get-able form.

First of all, get the concept. Every essay has a purpose. The purpose of a synthesis essay is to make connections between the sections of the work with the aim to present the topic fully. There are different kinds of a synthesis essay, which are argument synthesis essay – it has a strong thesis clearly presenting an author`s point of view. It contains information, which is relevant, based on research, explained logically to support the thesis statement. Review: a preliminary essay to an argument synthesis essay. It has critical analysis of the used sources. It is commonly applied in medicine and social science area. Explanatory synthesis essay represent facts, which are categorized for easier understanding by a reader. Its thesis statement is weak if any at all. A few words should be said about AP English Language synthesis essay. It is similar to argumentative essay. You will be provided with source materials. It might make it sound easier but it contains another complexity – your readers would want to be able to see how well you may sort through the source materials you have.synthesisessay

It is important to select a right theme. It has to be not too narrow so you could provide with a few sources but not too broad to put disparate sources in. To choose three sources is perfect. As for the topic, you might be assigned to write on some in particular and be provided with particular resources originally. If not, once again, make sure it fits for this type of an essay.

Work on development of your thesis statement. It is the key idea of your essay. It cannot be a question but a solid complete sentence. It may be either an opening sentence or the last sentence of your essay`s first paragraph.

Look for key quotes, factual information, statistics, and relevant ideas to support your thesis with. As soon as you find them, make notes to write them down throughout your paper. Use an outline to structure your essay for easier perception.

Think it over how you are going to present the information you gathered, in what order and how you are going to persuade your readers. A synthesis essay is all about a thoughtful research and picking out of the numerous information pieces, which are the most important ones to introduce your reader with. The information should be presented in the way so it looked like being in a harmony. There is neither comparison and contrast, classification nor division. It may contain analysis with a pinch of classification and, therefore, some division involved. There is a purpose to construct a theory or a thesis and synthesis works as a linking element between chosen materials for creation this purpose. Follow the principles of accuracy and organization while writing your synthesis essay.

Writing about something, you show that you are familiar with the theme and your reader has to feel how qualified you are through the presented arguments along with relevant examples.

Start with an outline, which will help to organize your synthesis essay and make it look neat. Next step is to provide with an introduction, which is one paragraph normally. Put your thesis statement in there so your reader could see it first thing and know what this is all about. In one sentence put a statement, which sums up all the focus of your synthesis essay. Provide with the names of the sources and its authors along with background information, which is summarized.

synthesis essayBody paragraphs are what comes after the introduction paragraph. Make sure that each of them contains a topic sentence, which tells the reader what you are going to tell about in this particular paragraph. Try to include information from more than just one source so it sounded more authoritative. Do not forget about in-text citations and make it clear what piece of information was taken from what source. It is needless to say that you should avoid plagiarism. Indicate where the synthesis is over and where comments of your own begin. You are a synthesizing machine. Present your paper fairly. Do not be afraid. It will not make it any weaker. Along with using the sources, present the information with your own words. This fact will not mean that you change the courses in anyway.

The final paragraph of the essay is a conclusion. This section works as a reminder for your readers about the key moments of your essay relating to its topic. It is not about summarizing of the arguments but about their synthesizing. Therefore, no repetitions of what have been said in the body paragraphs are needed. Do not include any additional information in this section. You will confuse your reader. Keep in mind that you need to revise your paper carefully, check on errors if any in order to make it look smoothly and trustworthy. Feel free to use transition words. Here is a list of some you may include into your paper: on the whole, as a result, consequently, therefore, accordingly, thus, hence, as I have shown, as I have said, etc.

Speaking about the format, there is no need to follow strictly a 5-paragraph structure of an essay. Include as many as you might need in order to convince your reader with what you are going to tell in your synthesis essay. The key of a good synthesis essay is to be selective so you could present the information you choose on the topic you picked wisely. Keep your pecker up! You can handle it.