Summary essay

How to write a summary essay.

            summary essayTo be able to summarize is a very important skill and one of the most important to have for writing different types of papers. To summarize means to explicate some topic briefly but well enough for a reader to get an idea at the first time of reading. To pick what is the most significant out of all the information is highly important because there is no need to mention each detail out of an article or whatever it is. Your reader should be presented with what is the most important only. If you do not mention the key things about the piece, the whole meaning of the summary will be lost.

Of course, it is impossible to write a summary on something you do not understand therefore, you need to figure what you are going to write about so you wrote a right summary on a piece. Moreover, there are strategies, which help with correct selection of information while reading to be able to write correct summaries. One of these strategies is called a reader`s summary writing which you learn how to write a summary for yourself. When you are done writing, look the text through one more time to be sure you did not omit anything vital.

You may create a summary essay outline for easier perception of the information visually and knowing what is what dividing the information into two columns. In this way, you get a whole picture. Any text contains a summary. To classify the ideas, you have to make a summary of the piece by division into component elements.

A summary essay is one of the types of an essay, which just like any other essay is written for more than one person, not for yourself only but for an audience. People did not read the text and the purpose of a summary essay is to convey the message what it is about precisely through a summarized text. Summary is a substitute of sorts for the original text. What you need to do is to present it as comprehensively and accurately as possible and the less of your interpretation it contains, the better. Writing on something, you interpret already but it should be minimized. Do not add any examples of your own. To demonstrate a comprehension is an alternative purpose of such an essay.

So, a summary essay should be written in an organized way and so that your comprehension was evaluated of it. Let us have a closer look on the format of a summary essay to have a visual picture of its structure. There are introduction, body paragraph (-s) and no customarily in a summary essay. Introduction paragraph has a thesis statement in it. It works as summing up the main point of an essay. The thesis is not your key point but the key point of your piece of text. Normally, the thesis statement is one sentence long. Avoid quoting it from the original text but write it. In addition, introduction gives the title of the text, the name of an author whose piece is being summarized, at times some background information about the author or his text is also given in introductory section. There is no room for your point of view in introduction. The first sentence of your paper is its main point. It has to reply on the question what the essay is actually about.

Body paragraph is the paragraph where you put the important information without any minor moments. Add one or few illustrations or examples of the author him/herself to make your summary more vivid and alive. Illustrations of your own are not needed here. Writing with words of your own does not mean you write ideas of your own. As for a conclusion, as has already been told, there is no such a thing for a summary essay unless this is what you were required to do by your teacher.

As for the topic, it may be an essay on the principle of population summary, an essay on criticism summary, an essay concerning human understanding summary, Montaigne essay summary, the titans summary essay, food Inc. summary essay, Alexander Pope essay on man summary, self-reliance essay summary, – anything really unless the topic was chosen for you beforehand.

It is important for your sentences to flow smoothly. Use transition phrases and words to help you with that. There are words showing contrast, – although, besides, conversely, however, in contrast, in comparison, instead, likewise, nevertheless, on the one (other) hand, on the contrary, other than, outside of, similarly, rather, yet, still, whereas; additional to an idea words, – additionally, also, again, as well as, besides, comparatively, consequently, coupled with, correspondingly, furthermore, in addition, indeed, in fact, identically, moreover; words showing consequence, – accordingly, as a result, because, due to, for this reason, for this purpose, hence, otherwise, since, so then, subsequently, therefore, thereupon, this is why, thus, wherefore; words, which add emphasis, – admittedly, above all, as a rule, as usual, assuredly, certainly, chiefly, especially, granted, generally speaking, for the most part, in this situation, illustrated with, undoubtedly (no doubt), obviously, of course, ordinarily, particularly, singularly, markedly, unquestionably, usually.

While writing a summary, the words you use should be interesting to capture your reader`s attention. For example, after all, all in all, all things considered, by the large, in any case, in any event, in essence, on the whole, in other words, in the final analysis, in the long run, namely, on balance, that is to say (that is), to put it differently.

Cite the words of the author in case you use any or it will be looking as if it is a plagiarism. Write using the present tense despite the author to pass away (if he/she is no longer alive). Make sure you understand everything clearly, with no doubts as for what this or that means. Be sure when you cite the author`s words, you cite them correctly. Revision is important. You might be surprised seeing how many improvements are to be done after a thoughtful revision. It would be nice if you had someone to show your paper to, just so you could get thoughts of other person upon your essay. Do not try to overtake all the information but focus on what is the most essential.

Many confuse summary with analysis. These are different things. To analyze means to discuss ideas. To summarize, though, does not mean any response or critique. You do summarize briefly when analyzing but the process of analysis is still not the same as summary.

The qualities of a good summary are comprehensiveness, conciseness, independence and coherence. Comprehensiveness is about isolating all the unnecessary parts leaving the most significant ones only. Conciseness means that you need to try to avoid repetitions in your essay. Your words should be simple relatively. Do not exaggerate. Less is more. Coherence stands for making sense with your writing. As for independence of a summary, it is about no imitation of the author, avoid simply quoting, you need to use words of your own to express right what you have read.summaryessay

To summarize, upon the common mistakes made. For instance, providing with too much of information overloading in such a way or on the contrary not enough of information. It is also a mistake to forget to cite quotations. Just like focusing on unimportant examples, anecdotes and details. An attempt to interpret the author`s ideas, as has already been told. Keep these simple rules in mind and your summary essay will be a success!