Rogerian essay

How to write a Rogerian essay.

            This type of an essay was named after a psychologist Carl Rogers. It belongs to those types of an essay, which is the most difficult to write. Just like any other form of an expository writing, it requires pretty much of the same skills. Essays normally takes up conflict questions and/or have a good mind to persuade with credible argument and a good relevant example going along. Opinions differ. What Rogerian essays do is creating a positive dialogue between people whose points of view are divergent.

rogerian essay   The first thing you should do is to do a research on the chosen topic. Oh right, you need to choose a topic, to start with. Your research on the topic for a Rogerian essay should be balanced. The first part of an essay is an introductory part, which you might outline. Catch your reader`s attention with it. It has to be long enough to answer on both sides` opinions and the topic itself of course. This is where you present your topic; get your reader acquainted with it. You might outline the piece going after introductory paragraph, where you prepare readers to look through arguments with open and calm frame of mind.

Then goes a position of your own. Your position should be stated briefly just enough for a reader to see your beliefs. This moment is crucial. Your opponent`s beliefs are examined in this section too. It is important to have a sense of empathy here but it has to be honest. If your essay happens to fail at this section, consider it as a failure of your whole paper.

After that, you need to restate your position and examine it relating to the position of your opponent. The process of compare and contrast happens here. When this process is done, consider yourself ready for the final part.

Based on shared interests and goals, provide with a starting point to start a discussion. This is the exact same point when you actually reach the essay`s goal. A conclusion may be outlined as well. There is no need to persuade with arguments in this area. It is open for idea exchange and trust, give a review for both positions but brief and with a respect and provide with benefits of an open positive dialogue. It has to end up with hope.

Respect and openness of mind go through all the paper. It is not about winning but about convincing but enjoyable, quiet and discreet. Stage notes and write on your essay relying on those notes. Making drafts might be very helpful in the process of writing as long as it will make your essay look logical and there is always a chance you might forget about something but making notes, you will not forget of anything vital. You might share your final draft with other people in order to see what they have to say about it and do not forget about the tone of your Rogerian essay. It intends to be sensitive. When you have someone you trust and whose opinion you value to give to have a look at it, it will make your chances higher on the way of getting your Rogerian essay done really well. Now few more tips on writing a Rogerian essay:

  • It is highly important to know your audience and to know it well. Knowing your readers well and their arguments will make you to where you can bring up credible persuasive arguments.
  • Outline the main points. Erase your opponent`s points so far until your points meet at some point 🙂 In case, you cannot come up with common grounds…
  • Make a list. An extended one. Include possible conceptions of your ideas dividing them into smaller conceptions to support your ideas overall.
  • Making clear a position of yours and knowing the position of your reader, you may start working on your Rogerian essay. You will draw attention to your essay without fail and there will be no need to argue. Make sure your language is appropriate and clear and be so kind to explain in case of using terms that your reader might be unfamiliar with. It also has to be neutral and no adversarial. No attack on the opposite side. It is forbidden.
  • Next thing is to point out the conflicting arguments, which are obvious. Point out the weakness of your opponent`s position. This is where your position will be either accepted or rejected. Lucky you if it is accepted. In case, it is not…
  • Reaffirm the common grounds. Combine them with evidences this time.
  • To conclude, give a brief summary to your essay or argumentation and a short reminder of the common grounds or Rogerian arguments.

Our beliefs are defining. They say who we are and show how we think and this is why a Rogerian essay was named after a psychologist whose approach stands for positive dialogue, a negotiation a result of which is to persuade but with no pressure giving argumentative reasons. This is what his therapy is based on. Try to search and find a compromise. The issue has to be controversial though, emotionally charged so to speak. There has to be no threatening no matter how much you are eager to convince your audience. Introduce the work and the author (normally in the first sentence), provide with a brief summary of the work, and name the main point in the work.

It is also worth to be mentioned that the main idea of a Rogerian essay just like of any other type of an essay is called a thesis statement. Do not forget that it should be placed in the introductory paragraph. There is a difference between a Rogerian essay`s thesis and others though. You present it only after other points of view were conceded and that they have benefits. This concession of benefit can even flow into your thesis. If quoting – do it effectively. Illustrate the points you make. Do not just quote to fill up the space. Be sure your quotations intrigue and compel.

At some point, a Rogerian essay is an argumentative essay of sorts. There is no place for total domination but, once again, a beneficial moment for both sides. Think over your topic carefully, think about the thesis statement to present your point the best way possible, think of an attention grabber, think, think, think. There is plenty to think about, huh? 🙂 Keep in mind that to reduce a conflict is a purpose of a Rogerian essay and that is a noble purpose to come up to a mutually beneficial and satisfactory solution of a problem.