Profile essay

How to write a profile essay.

          profile essay  To write a profile essay or personal profile essay, what you need to do first is to interview a person even though this person might be someone you know. Prepare questions for the interview to be able to write it in an organized way. Actually, any subject may be in the center of a profile essay, an event or a place. If to write a profile essay was an assignment for a composition course in a college, two classmates might interview each other to write a profile essay based on the answers. Doing so, classmates introduce one another to the rest of the class getting each other closer.

You might be wondering what it looks like to write a profile essay on an event or a place. Everything is pretty simple. Do not freak out 🙂 To do so, you need to conduct an interview with someone who has been a participant of the event you wish to write on or has visited the place you feel like writing on. There is also another way, which is to visit the place or event by yourself and write a profile essay based on your observations.

As for the way to express it on a paper, apart from using descriptions you might find it rather appealing to implement some funny stories based on true events, jokes and anecdotes. Do it in a narrative style with dialogues maybe if needed. This is up to you, on your choice. Thus, it interweaves tight with biographical and autobiographical writing. It is needless to say, that taking notes is important because you might use direct quotes in your profile essay too. Just make sure your put them in quotation marks so your reader knew it was a direct quote. As for the notes, they have to be detailed. Take into consideration everything while narrating and describing. Mention not only what you see but also what it smells like and what it feels like. You might even use a tape recorder and do not forget to thank and ask whether it is possible to contact the person again for some additional information.

It would be nice if you looked through some interviews before writing a profile essay just to know how to conduct them correctly. What is appropriate to ask and what is not. To find out the range of possible questions for your questionnaire. A profile essay has one aspect, which is pretty unique. It underlies in the fact that a profile essay is objective and subjective at the same time.profileessay

So, we have already figured that a profile essay may be written on a person, let us say, it might be John F. Kennedy profile in courage contest essay or an essay on racial profiling (describes an idea). You as a writer working on a profile essay convey a perspective apart from informing the readers. You need to present your subject vividly so your reader saw it as if with his/her own eyes. Objectivity is in informing and telling about a person or object is interpretation of your own and this is where expressiveness takes place, which makes profile writing differ as a genre from other types of writing such as narrative and descriptive.

It has already been mentioned that profile writing interweaves with writing an autobiography but there are still differences. Autobiography is experience, which was remembered and put on paper whilst profile is new observation. It is also important to remain particular. There are no generalizations needed.

  • Clarify a direction where to move.
  • Come up with what to describe.
  • Narrow your subject.
  • Decide on what impression is dominant.

Make an outline, a plan to organize your profile essay carefully and be sure the facts you use remain straight. The information has to be provided logically and clearly. Read your profile essay one more time when the final draft is ready to check on errors, there is no room for cliches, awkwardly made sentences and transitions.

Writing a profile essay, just like narrative or descriptive ones, develop skills of investigation and description of a person, idea, place or event. Investigating you research and conduct an interview. As for the structure, there are introduction, a few body paragraphs, three or maybe four, it depends upon your topic and how well you narrate and describe and a conclusion.

A profile essay has a thesis statement too and just like any other type of an essay, it is placed in the introductory paragraph of an essay. There is a supporting elements in the body paragraphs meaning supporting elements for the thesis statement. The conclusion works as a summary to whole paper. What you think is ordinary might turn out rather specific and very interesting. Do not make descriptions looking like lists. There is also this aspect about profile essay that you need to have in mind what your description will be looking like within other people`s eyes. Make sure your paper does not sound any over-sentimentally or do not moralize the center of your profile essay. It is important to let your reader see the subject from all the possible angles and sides. A person or any other subject you write on should be of interest or at least potential interest not only for you but for your readers as well.

profile-essay      There is a classification of profiles given by a writer whose name is Jacqui Banaszynski. According to him, profiles may be cradle-to-current, niche and paragraph profile. Cradle-to-current means that there is someone`s whole life in the profile essay, from the day of birth till present days. Niche profile is shorter in word count and in the context of content. There has to be background information and it should be relevant. Paragraph profile is rather short too. There might be one or two paragraphs in total. Such type of a profile contains details, which are essential only. If there are any achievements or accomplishments, point them out in a paragraph profile.

Moreover, when writing a profile essay on a person, it might be useful to observe this person at work to have a whole picture. In case, a person is no more alive, use diaries of this person and any other notes this person could leave. Letters to parents, husband or wife, lovers, friends, coworkers etc. If that is a public person, he or she surely has a biography and you need to read it. This person might happen to write an autobiography. Guess what? Yes, read that too 🙂 While working on your paper, you may use the first person as well as the third person.

Any reader would want to know what is the most significant about a piece of writing in front of his/her eyes. Your task as a writer here is to provide your reader with a hook. The hook is something important to draw your reader`s attention to your piece, to your profile essay. The way you end up your essay should be effective. Restate the main points but do it using other words so you avoided repetitions. Repetition is boring and you need to capture your reader`s attention and keep having him/her interested.