Problem and solution essay

How to write a problem solution essay.

From A to Z.

Background informationproblemandsolutionessay

            To write a problem solution essay, one should have a problem and a solution or solutions accordingly to cover the points. Some essays of this kind, and this is kind of an argumentative essay, though, require reasons or causes instead of problems and this is not the same as problems.

One way or another, what you need to do first is to decide upon the problem that you are going to shed the light on. Set up your idea clearly. Think over expressions to introduce the problem. How this problem you have chosen is illustrated as it goes along, what are the results after the problem is being discussed. Interestingly, that a problem/solution essay is often called propose a solution essay.

Make up an outline. This, along with the answers to the questions above, will help you to make your problem solution essay look organized. In the paragraphs of the main body, make sure you answered the following questions such as the problem of your discussion (topic), its explanation for readers and how it effects the environment.

The choice of topics vary in spite of whether you need it as an assignment for middle school, college or composition class for adults. Think it over, while writing the solution paragraph, what groups of people are responsible for the solution of the problem. In what ways this solution is possible to be worried out. For example, if it a problem of bullying at school, it is about the administration of the school to solve the problem and parents of the bully.

It is important to note that the problem you discuss should not be simple but something to attract attention to, something actionable. For instance, the topic of your problem solution essay may be connected with social, political or any other aspect of life, let us say, mass shootings, brutality of police, suicide, hard-core unemployment, children`s work, exploitation of workers, changes of climate, pollution of earth, etc.

 problem and solution essayPre-writing

There is no certain format about problem solution essays. The paper does not even have to be an essay but a laboratory experiment, a geometric proof, political science issue in social studies. It normally consists of introductory paragraph, where you put the problem; main body with a few paragraphs, in which the results are given and a conclusion summarizing your viewpoint.

Example:          Problem – Overeating.

Solution – To offer help to people who suffer from eating disorder. To develop programs on losing weight and working out.

  • Educational program of young people.
  • To make low fat products more affordable.
  • Charge more for fast food and desserts.
  • Provide with education for families through mass media.

Conclusion – it might be arguable because people have right to choose what to buy and consume in their food but our daily rations influence on our health and health of our families in the future causing heritable diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Some might say it is too late to help such people but it is never too late as long as people are willing to get help and eager to change their lives for good.

 Guidelines problemandsolutionessay

  • Make a thesis throughout your essay so there was a certain point about it, a message you are trying to convey to your reader. It normally proposes a solution itself.
  • Make sure it is not complaining what you are doing while writing your problem solution essay.
  • Make your arguments for a solution clear for your readers.
  • Use specific information based on facts, details, statistics and reasons why this particular solution (-s) is best in this case. You may feel free to use a so-called extended example. It means telling a story of somebody who actually experienced the problem you are talking about first-hand.
  • The tone should be analytical. Try to make it sound objectively concentrating on people`s logical thinking but not emotions.
  • If there are a few solutions of the problem, make a list of them and evaluate them.
  • The conclusion should be strong. Restate the message you were trying to convey in your essay in its last paragraph.
  • Revision is important. Make sure there are neither punctuation nor grammatical errors within your essay. Care to check by means of spellchecker or even a dictionary. Give somebody whose opinion matters to you to have a look.
  • The part in which you tell the solution of the problem should be as long or even longer than the part with the problem itself.
  • Make sure the body paragraphs are written in a cohesive way. You can make it through references to old knowledge when presenting something new. Use related within the context words, parallel structures and demonstrative pronouns such as this, that, these, those, and, of course, do not forget about examples along with transition words (therefore, nevertheless, as a result, consequently, for this reason, in addition, in conclusion) to make your sentences sound more smoothly.
  • Second person (“you”) and fourth person (“we”) speech are required but the first (“I”) and third person (“he”, “she”) speech are applicable as well.
  • Start every paragraph with a topic sentence, which serves for summarizing what the paragraph is going to be about.
  • You may put a quotation in the end.
  • You may leave a rhetorical question.
  • Give a reader much food for thought about.

problemandsolutionessayIn conclusion

            If your essay shares a problem and offers a solution, if every paragraph deals with the heart of the matter, congratulations! You have succeeded undoubtedly!