Observation essay

How to write an observation essay.

            observation essayFor a start, writing an observation papers gives a chance to brush up on your skills giving you a practice to work on your writing and editing skills about everything around and what you choose to observe. In order to write an observation essay, no matter whether you do it because you feel like it or it was your assignment, a classroom observation essay, preschool observation essay, a child observation essay, look through the steps below to make it right.

Naturally, you need to begin with an observation of an object or event before putting it down on paper. Once the topic was chosen, it is worth mentioning that not only your eyes work here but also other senses as well such as listening to the sounds, taking in the smells, the way it feels when you touch it and how it tastes, observe how cohesive everything is altogether.

Do not be shy to make notes during the process of thinking and working on your paper. Unless you obtain a super power of having a fantastic memory to hold in mind all the thoughts occurring your head while observing. The notes you make do not have to be perfect but complete looking. Divide your notes into groups by categories. The way you separate your notes will define how you build your body paragraphs in your observation essay.

Every essay begins with an introduction and observation essay is not an exception. It is an overview of the chosen subject. Include in this section when and where you observed it, why you picked this particular subject to introduce your reader with these kinds of aspects. This is the section where a thesis statement is also put in.

If an introduction is an appetizer, then a body part is the piece of resistance in this “meal”. Once again, make sure your observations are arranged into a cohesive narration. Use present tense while writing as if you see what you are writing about right now. You cannot write an observation from memory using past tense or as something, which is going to happen using the future tense. Make your narration sound linear. Stay objective and feel free to strew your narration with details. The reader should feel as if he/she was there in your shoes basically, so real it should sound.observationessay

A summary works for a conclusion of your observation essay. However, you might also need to write down some conclusions on what you think of your observation. Include the meaning your observation has for you and might have for your readers. Tie it all together in a concise paragraph. It should support the thesis statement but there is no need to make it lengthy.

The final step is editing. Yes, you will not get away from it. Do not even think about it. Look through the content, its clarity; check on punctuation and grammatical errors. It is needless to say, that your paper needs to make sense. Avoid repetitions. It has to sound interesting. Add quotes.

A few words should be said on observation essay topics. There are many things you may observe and write an essay on. Use the five human senses while observing and your observation paper will be fascinating and complete. The key element is a keen understanding of the chosen object along with delicate approach to a topic choice of course. Therefore, it may be your grandfather, a heavy-metal concert or a lemon tree. It may be an observation paper based on the work of interpreters to UNO. The choice is literally HUGE!

Do not hesitate using a comparative techniques. It will be helpful to compare in order to quantify the characteristics of the object you observe. Also, be careful with details. Details are what make your observational essay different but do not over-describe. Care for each detail just to be relevant. Precise language is also what matters. It means that describing something you observe, use those words, which deliver a precise meaning of what you want to say. For example, you may call something small but small things differ. If you call it microscopic, that will be more precise.

As for formatting your observation essay, any writing style is applicable. So, feel free to write it in APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian or AMA style if you were not provided with any particular requirements for your assignment. Make sure all the elements of your observation essay follow one chosen or required style: title page, text pages, headings, fonts, spacing, page numbers, and references.

You may write an observation essay outline as a plan to your essay. There is no certain structure about observation papers even though they contain typical for essays introduction, body paragraph and conclusion within themselves mentioned above but they are based on senses instead of arguments. Involve a friend to review your paper, give you a critique, and remember that the paper is credible only if you personally witnessed what you write about in your observation essay. It would not go amiss to practice your observing skills wherever you go. Observational writing is some sort of a medium by means of which people can express what they notice and experience and its merits.