Memoir essay

How to write a memoir essay.

            What is a memoir essay? It is a personal story of anybody really. A life story by the time it is to put on paper. This is where it ends as long as there can be no fictional events to happen in the future. There are many examples of memoir essays available to look through as a sample of one to write by oneself or to inform oneself about for general development.

memoir essay It might seem funny and a little odd but you do need to do a research on yourself before writing a memoir essay. Everyone has family photos, some have video recordings from childhood and awkward age, even from the present days recorded, let us say, last week. It allows to start and keep going from there. People surrounding you do have something to tell about you too, to describe you as a person, a friend, a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, a mother or a father maybe etc. you may come up with a questionary if you please. Creativity is a plus.

There is a personal memoir essay but it is more straightforward. Just a memoir essay has some certain life experience as its focus. The life experience, which is of a special importance for the writer or reader speaking about his/her learning issues for example, representing in this way his/her persona along with the audience.

It is highly important while writing a memoir essay to remain honest. Some memoirs do serve for their owner to be praised to the skies but those ones, which are frank even though if there is nothing to boast about are of the highest value. Your reader must feel what kind of person you are while reading your memoir essay. If you tend to be atrocious, show it honestly or if you have a good sense of humor – do not hesitate to tell a joke or two so your spirit permeated the work.

Pay extra attention to editing of your essay. Re-read it a few times, check on words choice so there were no repetitions, poor vocabulary is no good for an essay, check on grammar, bad grammar will speak of you as of an uneducated person, choosing a topic to write on make sure it means something to you otherwise it will not hit the mark. Do your best to represent yourself in the way to make your readers see what you want them to see, what you try to say through your essay. The message you intended to convey has to be delivered.

Memoir essay contains a thesis statement just like any other type of an essay. You do not need to try to be a writer when you write about a family of your own. Just stay yourself and your reader, if that is your reader, will follow you everywhere you go in your writing. You are your product. A transaction between you and the experience you remember and emotions you experienced is crucial in memoirs. Mentioning your family members, you need to show the pages they are mentioned on to them. This is what a courtesy requires so there was no a bad surprise for them when and if it goes in print. At the same time, there is no monopoly on the past you shared and if somebody does not like what you have written, this somebody may feel free to write a memoir essay of his/her own. A family might have a trait (-s) it would not want it to be revealed because of the fact to be rather unpleasant but overall it would feel nice to leave a trace in the history besides it is unlikely of you to do that from malice.memoiressay

Once you picked the memory you want to describe, decide on how you would want to present it in your essay, decide on the order whether it is chronological or not, or you choose to tell the end of the story first. Your memory might start in the present and then go to the past. What you say should be so vivid to come literally alive. Make it clear why this particular memory is important for you and what influence it made on your life now.

There is Dutch school of painters where a painting is within a panting. For example, you see a person sitting next to a wall on the panting and there is a painting on this wall the person is sitting next to. The same with memoir, your life is a painting and memoir is another painting hanging on the wall. It is needless to say, that writing in the first person is required as long as it is a story of the one who writes it.