Introduction of an essay

How to write an introduction of an essay.

            essay_introEvery piece of paper in general and an essay of any type in particular begins with an introductory paragraph. The introduction is a map of sorts, which is a guide for readers through the essay. The main point of an essay is a treasure and a reader is a treasure-hunter. Most of the introductory paragraphs start with a statement for orientation. It is general and leading to the topic of an essay and ends with a statement, which is called a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a brief response of an author to the question asked in the essay.

As long as the introductory paragraph is what any essay begins with, it has to be capturing, fascinate a reader`s mind and imagination and makes him/her to where h/she wants to continue. Think over possible hooks to capture your reader. Only then your reader will be unable to step aside and there will be no hesitation whether to keep on going and proceed reading. You might include some interesting fact in order to make your reader interested. It has to be surprising. It might also be an anecdote used as a hook. That is in case your paper is not very formal. Whatever you use, it will make a reader know you as a writer and a person a bit closer through your writing. Keep in mind that not every type of an essay requires using the first person while writing therefore, avoid using “I” in some. A quotation may be used as a hook too. Your reader might find it very exciting especially if you come up with a good explanation towards its relevance. A question works for it as well. Questions make think and what makes think – fascinates by default. Your reader will be drawn in for sure.

  • Start with an overall point for the main idea of your essay.
  • Provide with the overview for the key ideas interweaved into the topic.
  • Use the words taken from the essay`s title to show how you understand the idea.
  • Make the direction your arguments will be going in clear.
  • Make some sort of a link to the first section of your essay.

Introductory paragraphs along with conclusion ones may be the hardest parts of an essay. What you need to do in the first one is to capture grab your reader`s attention and in the last one – to make it memorable. At first you might think you know what to write about but once you start writing, your thoughts might fly all over you chaotically like little flies and you can barely catch any and compose into a logically flowing sentences. Prepare a piece of paper and a pen so you could take notes whenever your ideas and thoughts occur your head. Introductory and conclusion paragraphs are bridges, which teleport your readers from their everyday lives into your world, you share your world expressing your thoughts and ideas, providing with facts and statistics, possible based on a true life funny stories and other relevant examples. As soon as you hooked your treasure-hunter with an introductory paragraph and provided with enough evidences to prove the thesis statement, a conclusion paragraph of yours will work as a bridge on the way back into real life your reader is used to live.introduction of an essay

Think about how broad or general your opening has to be.

You may try to write your introductory paragraph last. It is when you might not know what to argue about in your essay and it strikes you during the writing process. “Appetite comes with eating”.

You might write a draft of an introductory paragraph first and then make changes to it.

Once again, do not forget about an attention grabber.

Draw special attention to the first sentence of your introduction because it is like a cover of a book or a movie poster – you like it – you are drawn to it because this is the first thing you see.

Do not announce directly what you are going to argue about. Also, you need to sound confident. Be sure of what you write and do not apologize.

essay introduction guideIt will be good to have someone to show your paper to so you could get a thought of someone you trust on your work.

Introduction may be a place holder, a restated question, the Webster`s dictionary, the dawn of man, the book report. The first one works when there is nothing much to say. The second one works when there is a restatement of your topic question only but no other specific details about it. The third one works when providing with a definition taken out from the mentioned dictionary and this is how an essay actually begins. The forth one is the one giving a broad introduction of the topic with relevance. The fifth and final one is when giving the name of the book and the name of its author, providing with some other basic factual information about the book.

Your introduction is your first impression or better to say the first impression you make on people. Make it work for you!