Five paragraph essay

How to write a 5-paragraph essay.

– It goes without saying that to write a 5-paragraph essay means that there should be 5 paragraphs in the main body of the essay you are going to write. It is better to start your essay with an outline, which will serve as a plan to your essay for easier navigation. Normally, introduction paragraph is what goes afterwards. A reader should see a thesis statement in this section. Describe it in one-two sentences. For example, if that is an essay on bullying, write in the introduction about some accidents connected with bullying and positive results. There might be some story in particular as some sort of a grabber to draw attention. If some particular author, article, book or event is what primary focus is on – you should mention it in the thesis. 5 paragraphs is a classical form of an essay. It is also called a hamburger format. Look 🙂

how-to-write-an-essay-hamburger-style-2-638– After your introduction, each paragraph of your essay should contain an idea, an illustrative example of what you are trying to say, but all the ideas you represent have to coincide with the thesis statement. If that is a 5-paragraph argumentative essay you are writing, then it should contain strong arguments within each body paragraph. To write an intro paragraph for an essay, you should start with a sentence giving some general information about the idea you are going to talk about as if introducing your reader with your thought and then goes information that is more detailed. There should not be too many details though to avoid information overloading. The same with the second body paragraph. Select another idea in support of your thesis this time to represent here. Avoid sudden drops. Make it sound smoothly. The third paragraph represents the weakest argument but also with an example to see. The paragraphs you are writing have to flow.

– Do not forget about transition words between and within the paragraphs of your essay. There is a huge variety of them:
• Furthermore;
• In addition;
• In fact;
• With this in mind;
• Moreover;
• In particular;
• To demonstrate;
• For the reason that;
• Consequently;
• In comparison;
• On the other hand;
• Given these facts;
• To put it briefly, etc.

– Closer to the end of the paragraph, a reader is lead to a conclusion, a final statement of the essay. There is a reminder of the thesis statement in the conclusion section. No duplicate but a restatement. A summary of the three body paragraphs above; and to make a reader understand that the discussion is over. Avoid telling new information in this section so there was no confusion for your reader. Look at it as a reverse of the introductory paragraph.
Make sure your sentences are clear. In case you use terms and notions your reader is most likely unfamiliar with, make sure you give a get-able explanation. Your ideas should be convincing with relevant examples. Pay special attention to the introduction as long as this is the section, which sets the tone to your essay. Use active voice. No usage of “I” pronoun is allowed. Beginning with a subject of the sentence is rather dull pattern. Avoid using it along with repetitions. Choosing a topic, make sure you have enough knowledge in the area to provide with a few strong arguments with an example for each.

five paragraph essay– Keep in mind that you will need to revise your paper carefully and edit if needed. Check for mistakes. It is very important. Working on any kind of essay develops one`s writing skills along with logical thinking. Do not put your foot in it with the errors. After the paper is done, put it aside. Set your mind free. Get back to it in a few hours or the next day. You may also give it to someone you trust and whose opinion matters to you to have a look with a fresh eye. It is allowed to write more than three paragraphs in case the theme you chose is too complicated. It may be a 6-paragraph essay, 7-paragraph essay or even 8-paragraph essay. You may even divide one theme into a few paragraphs but then you will need to write the same amount of paragraphs for every other theme you are to discuss in your essay. Just follow the principle of consistency. Do not announce what issues you are going to speak about in your essay using phrases like “Now I would want to talk about…” It might put your readers to sleep and you might literary hear them snoring. It is akin to Merriam Webster Dictionary defines that… zZZ

– Oh and one more thing – in no circumstances close down with “in conclusion”. It is a cliche and overused phrase. Avoid plagiarism. You do not need that. You can make it on your own. To pick a right topic is what matters. Do not forget about thesaurus, you may always look it up in order to find something new. Be original. Do not input any questions. Sound powerful. Show your authority within your paper. Good luck with your writing!