Explication essay

How to write an explication essay.

explication essayTo write an explication essay, one should know the definition of explication. When it comes to explication, an explanation of something is meant. The word itself is of a Latin origin, ex and plicare means out and fold out so, it is unfolding what is placed beneath the text. For the purpose of writing an excellent paper, one should follow certain guidelines.

Start with an introduction to your explication essay. Before that, you should come up with the topic of your essay of course. That along with the thesis statement will be the information you get your reader acquainted with in the introduction paragraph. If that is going to be an explication essay for some short story, for example, “The Gift of the Magi” written by O. Henry, put the title in, the name of the author and provide with a short overview of the story mentioning the elements, which are the most essential. The thesis of your essay is its central, therefore the most important argument. Thus, you need to make it as clear and neat as possible for your readers to get it right. Normally, it is put in the end of the introduction section.

Your essay will be no good in case of a rather poor construction or without one at all. Think over about such moments as rising action to begin with, then goes the climax, and resolution of the story. It might have a trick ending or a happy end.

There are many pieces of literature to explicate. They might have rather difficult characters to explain but it does not mean it to be impossible. An excellent explication essay outlines sections to clarify each section and therefore make every part clear for a reader and easy to digest.

Your explication essay`s content has to be related to your thesis statement and seasoned with relevant examples. What you do next is write interpretation paragraphs after the introduction one. Provide with arguments why you think this or that way about the protagonist of the story, you chose to make a center of your explication essay. Then comes the conclusion where what you need to do is to restate (not repeat) your thesis and wrap the ideas you provided with in your essay up to make it look neat, precise and get-able.



You might make up a summary of your explication essay but do not put any details in there. It has to be short. When and if summarizing, keep focused on those moments of the story, which made the biggest influence on the characters. Due to such moments, the changes about the characters occur. Pointing out such points of the plot will be helpful on the way to understanding the methods of a writer.

If to speak about format, you might be given instructions as for the word count and the number of pages required for your explication essay. So, do not ignore any requirements and strictly follow the guidelines if any. Overall, you need to follow the standard format with introduction, body and conclusion.

Apart from prose, there is a poetry explication. It contains explanation of what the poetry is about, the meaning of it, its structure, forms and shapes. An explication is a process paper of sorts. It also has a thesis within itself. Outline all the complexities and paradoxes in your thesis statement. Analysis is what you need to do while writing a poetry explication essay also. The poem might include such features as stanza form, rhythm, rhyme, patterns of imagery. Patterns might be rhetorical, patterns of the sound, visual. Produce a paragraph or more for each unit analysis. You might want to quote particular lines from the poem you analyze. Avoid taking out long ones. Put them in the sentences with your own words for focusing on them or those lines, which are of a significant importance for you. It would be helpful to use transition sentences between the sections of your explication essay for easier reading. Do not forget about wrapping up your ideas into the conclusion section of your essay. The essay will be incomplete without it.

A poetry explication essay has a chronological structure, which reveals the meaning of the poem being analyzed. It begins from the large and basic ending up with patterns and peculiar details. It informs about dramatizing conflicts and describes the situation of the one who speaks, which is rather dramatic. What you need to do is to read a poem you choose to explicate carefully. Then read it once again but with a pencil or a pen in your hand and make notes while reading. You might pay attention to the structure and some main points before actually analyzing the lines. There are three moments on the way to analysis of the poem, which are division the text of a poem into small parts for easier analysis, then a discussion on how these parts actually relate to one another, and make connections between these parts and the poem overall.

Once the essay is done, make sure it contains no errors. Check on its grammar, punctuation, spelling and word usage. Errors free will make it more effective and credible in the eyes of the readers. You may feel free asking questions in your explication essay for your reader to have something to think about.