Define essay

What is an essay?

define assay

An essay is a short literary composition on some topic with analytical or speculative discussion involved. An essay means an attempt, a try and normally has an outline, an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion. It may be a critical study, an editorial, a feature story. It includes in-text citations, transition words, facts, statistics, if that is a research paper, strong persuasive arguments with relevant examples in order if not to convince, then at least to influence on readers minds, to make them think in a new way.

There are different types of an essay. It may be argumentative and persuasive as has already been mentioned; an essay may be descriptive, analytical, definition essay, expository, analysis, narrative, synthesis, personal, reflective, process, informative, compare and contrast essay. Let us have a closer look at each, therefore:

  • Argumentative essay is about not sharing information only but about providing with a strong argument(-s) with relevant examples;
  • Persuasive essay is about convincing the readers in the idea, which comes across the essay as its thesis statement;
  • Descriptive essay is about a description of somebody or something you picked as a topic of your essay. Make sure your description is tastefully done, with colorful words being used to make it sound interesting;
  • Analytical essay is about writing something based on fact. It involves analysis with analytical thinking;
  • Definition essay is about giving a get-able definition of something which is most likely new to the reader with an example for easier understanding;
  • Expository essay is about investigating of an idea, its explanation and presenting an argument;
  • Narrative essay is about telling a story and the way it is told should be entertaining enough to keep the fire of interest within your reader going;
  • Synthesis essay is about a good selection of the information, combination it and figuring out how separate parts work after possible division and combination;
  • Personal or reader-friendly essay is about sharing your personal life experience through writing;
  • Reflective essay is about capturing the image of an author`s mind. It is as if to take a “selfie” photo but in words;
  • Process essay is about providing an instruction with how something work or how to actually do something, for example a recipe of a dish;
  • Informative essay is actually any kind of an essay, the purpose of which is to inform;
  • Compare and contrast essay is about something or somebody who have differences along with similarities so you could compare and contrast. Therefore, two objects the least are in the center of discussion.

There are admission-, scholarship-, response-, research-, deductive-, critical-, classification-, cause and effect types of an essay among others.  how to write an essay

  • Admission (application) essay or personal statement is a paper, which is written by an applicant applying for graduate school, college or university.
  • Scholarship essay is written when applying for a scholarship. It is a part of application. It represents a student.
  • Response essay is a reaction on something you have read. At first, there is a task. One should read it carefully and write what he or she feels about it.
  • Research essay is a paper, which is based on other person`s work. A research is made and one`s thoughts are written basing on the researched work.
  • Deductive essay is clearly based on a principle of deduction, leading to Sherlock Holmes method, a statement of a fact, which is known or an assumption, proceeding from it to certain observations to come up with a conclusion eventually.
  • Critical essay is a critique paper of some other work. Usually a work related to art. It is more than just summarizing though but an objective analysis including positive and negative sides of the work.
  • Classification essay is about the object of your paper to be classified and given a thoughtful characteristic of.
  • Cause and effect essay is about a situation or event and its causes along with effects these causes make.

Writing an essay is about flight of one`s imagination. It surely matter what type of an essay one is about to write. Also, it matters whether you were assigned on some particular topic to write about. In case you were not, this is where your imagination begins its journey. It may be a hero essay based on a description of one`s hero or heroine, or happiness essay giving a definition of happiness in one`s understanding and view; a success essay might cover its causes and effects or American dream essay may be sharing of a personal experience. Choose the topic wisely. One needs to know what he/she is going to write about and it should be interesting for an author in the first place. Only then, it will be interesting for readers as well.defineessay