DBQ essay

How to write a dbq essay.

dbqessayNo, it is not a misprint. Stop thinking about barbeque and focus on writing an essay, which is a document-based question essay. This is what dbq stands for.

How to write a good dbq essay you might wonder and here is the answer – keep focused on the assignment. As is the case with a thematic essay we were discussing in the previous article, document-based question essay requires analysis and organization of the information you are going to use for your essay. It is highly important to read the historical background of the assignment you are going to work on in order to make it as effective and credible as possible. Select the most significant moments above all. You might work on it using a table to make it more get-able. You may create an outline in the form of a table for easier perception of the information.

If to speak about format or structure of document-based question essay, it is not different from any other types of an essay. It must contain introduction paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion naturally. Pre-writing, making notes and first drafts are advisable. This is as for how to start a dbq essay. Present historical facts upon the theme in the introduction paragraph to get your readers acquainted with the topic. A thesis statement is also put in the introduction. It might be more than just one sentence. Normally, it is placed in the end of introduction paragraph. Then, in the body paragraphs, you utilize the information from all the sources and address all the elements of the assignment thoroughly. It should include a topic sentence, evidences along with examples, and closing sentences. With a conclusion, you tell what you were trying to prove with the whole paper. It contains your thesis statement but restated. Provide with evidences and arguments to everything you mention in your essay just so it was looking trustworthy. Do not forget to include a title into your paper. You do not want it to be nameless, do you?

Despite the similar structure, writing a dbq essay requires some documents to be analyzed and answering a short question, which might seem rather specific. The assignment in the essay is a response to the question after certain information on the topic was obtained. There is an exam booklet and scoring for the essay is presented in there and available for every student in the form of a rubric during the test.

As for how the questions for dbq type of an essay actually look, they are presented in two parts, which are called parts A and B. Simple as that. The documents to read and analyze mentioned above are presented in the part A. The assignment is presented in the part B accordingly. Use complete sentences giving the answer to the question. The scoring rubric will be in front of your eyes all the way around. Make sure you meet all the necessary requirements in order to get as many points as possible and in order to avoid mistakes, which would lead to losing the points.

In your thesis statement, while composing, discuss, describe, show and explain. No explanation of documents is needed just like there is no need to put the sources you use while writing your dbq essay chronologically. Understanding the assignment, create a thesis based on these issues. Having facts on your hands brainstorm them, to squeeze as much out of them as possible for your essay to be “juicy”. Adding more of body paragraphs is required in case you do not feel as if you responded to the question fully. Summarize everything what is said above in your conclusion paragraph without giving any new information as long as it might and will confuse readers.

  • Interpret the documents accurately.
  • Incorporate outside information, which is relevant.
  • Provide richly with details, pertinent facts supported with examples.
  • Demonstrate clear and logical plan of organization.
  • No copies of the documents are needed. Use the information wisely.
  • An introduction and a conclusion should be strong to work as an attention grabber.
  • Your thesis should be literally acceptable.
  • In case an additional document is needed, your last paragraph should identify it.
  • Do not forget to cite the documents.

Writing a dbq essay, you practice a craft of a historian. It is an acquired skill and it does need practice. Understand the author`s point of view, where the tension is. There surely are literary concerns, which need to be paid attention to such as adequate spelling and grammar, no references to yourself and no saying to your readers what they are about to learn from your paper. Limit your quotations usage if any. Your comments should be based on the documents, not on the outside information. Include transition sentences and to wrap up the paragraphs sentences into your dbq essay. It must be a quality essay and it cannot be qualitative if you do not know what to write about and have lack of historical information as a background.

Among general tips what may be advised is to write more often in order to improve one`s writing skills, read a lot to be able to use and define terms a reader might be unfamiliar with, choose on a method of writing of your own so the day of the exam was not the day of experiments, think over the type of organization for your essay, work on the clarity of your thesis statement, the more complicated it will be, the harder it will be to support it, it has to be supported well and well-argued, there is no need to quote the documents just because the reader already knows them, avoid quoting large portions of the text and last but not least – picking up a question to respond through an essay, do it wisely. Your score will depend on it.

dbq essayThere are some more rules on writing, which are to write in the third person; be specific because no generalizations are needed; do not use cliches, moralizing, metaphors, sarcasm and personal soapboxes; it has already been mentioned but repetition will do no harm – use transition words and phrases between and within the structural sections of your dbq essay; make sure you spell the words correctly; same with the grammar, punctuation marks, capitalization, agreement of subject-verb – all of these have to be good; do not use choppy and short sentences, they have to be complete; work on legibility of your paper.