Controversial essay

How to write a controversial essay.

controversial essayHead-note

            It is definitely a challenge to write a controversial essay especially writing for the first time but it is as interesting as challenging! Are you up for a challenge? Then let us get started! As a rule, a controversial essay covers a matter people already have a clear idea of. What you need to do is to combine viewpoints with factual information and evidences for readers so they could observe both sides of the matter. Another purpose is persuasion of the readers that your point of view is happen to be.

 “Into the woods”

            If you choose to write a controversial argumentative essay with a purpose to make your reader agree with your opinion, you need to pick a topic you feel strongly about and are able to give strong justifications and persuasive arguments. The matter should be hot, burning, something of a current interest. Make up a thesis statement. Every kind of essay should have one and put it in your introductory paragraph. There is no way it can be a question but a solid stand on how you see the matter you chose to write about. It has to be concise and drastically made. Pay special attention to it as long as it is the most important part of your essay you are to start from, the model you are going to dress up in the garment of your own design. Your essay is going to be like clothes made to measure.

There should be up to three steady and fixed points the least you are going to support your thesis with in the body paragraphs. Writing a controversial persuasive essay, give an opposing point of view and refute it giving examples, which are based on facts. Thoughts, which have data in their basis, will be helpful for the readers on the way of understanding and supporting the argument you present.

Keep in mind that in order to make it right, a research is needed. Search for trustful resources to find a rigid evidence to establish your opinion so you could be supportive in your arguments. This way your essay will not be just a piece of text full of your opinions you are trying to impose. Having facts in a possession, you establish your credibility and assertiveness in the eyes of your readers. Make up a sketch or an outline for your essay. It will look like a divided into sections piece by means of which your paper will be structured. Make sure the text is cohesive.

Controversial essay is about debates. Involve your reader into a dispute but no preaching. There is no room for rhetoric questions. Facts, facts, facts! In addition, solid arguments based on personal experience. It has to be confrontation provoking, ambiguous enough to capture your reader`s interest. Confrontation may be provoked due to political, religious or social beliefs. There are plenty of them to choose from in the mass media nowadays, which opens a large stage for you as the author. For example, if to go back in the years 2013-2014, the most controversial topics were considered the following ones:

  • Abortion;
  • Immigration;
  • Capital punishment;
  • Testing on animals;
  • Genetic cloning;
  • Human trafficking;
  • Adoption of ethically different children;
  • Plastic surgery;
  • Industry of pharmaceutical business;
  • Euthanasia;
  • Illiteracy;
  • Terrorism;
  • Healthcare;
  • Legalizing of marijuana;
  • Global warming;
  • Globalization;
  • Relationships and sexual education.

The conclusion is about summarizing the main ideas of your essay briefly with no new information added. Provide fodder for your thesis in this final section of your paper. It will make the readers to think again about the key idea of your essay and, perhaps, change their point of view on the spoken matter. Opinions differ but if you made your reader think over what you have written, you have succeeded. Of course, if reading your essay amazed your reader and changed his/her opinion, you hit the mark. In a perfect world, your introduction along with thesis statement should make such an effect on your reader. Do not fear to keep your language strong. Strength with facts are recipe for success. Do you remember the comparison with clothes? Your garment should wow the judges in order to win. It should be effectively structured, original and sophisticated and if it is done correctly, it will always appeal to the reader`s reason, emotion and logic on the controversy of the chosen topic.

controversialessayOne final comment

            A good argument is something what makes the blood run rapidly through your veins. Arguments are all about controversies. Come up with a controversial theme, which has two sides. Pick one out of these two sides, provide with facts, statistics, and make it worth of discussion. It should be interesting to keep the fire of the argument burning. Have tact expressing your thoughts. You, as a writer, should have facts in your possession after doing a research and be able to entertain your reader with what you have. Consider your audience, whether those are going to be common or academic people. No false information is allowed. Use wisely the sources for your references list, footnotes, in-text citations and endnotes. Good luck with mastering your controversial essay writing!