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How to write classification essay.

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You have a new assignment today. A classification essay is what is required. This type of an essay is all about division and organization the essay into categories in order to give the classification of something you chose as the topic of your essay. The categories should be useful, put in logically, following the same organizing principle with examples given. The range of themes for classification essay vary just because many things are possible to classify. Even people are divided into classes and it is not only about their social set-up but cultural as well. For instance, you could hear that New Yorkers happen to be rather rude, Westerners are fond of the great outdoors and Newfoundlanders are known for telling funny stories. All you need to do is to pick a topic you know well in order for your essay to be interesting and entertaining for your reader. That is in case your purpose is to entertain. It can be to persuade or inform as well.
The classification/division essay is differ. For example, if you are going to write about component parts of some device, that is a division paper.
In case, your subject is easier to understand through related things in the context, let us say, types of tea – then it is a classification paper.

classificationessayKeep in mind that whatever you choose as a topic, it should be possible to divide into three parts or more being able to generalize it first, for example, there are twelve types of roses;

classification-essayall the names have to start with the same type of word, for instance, nouns or adjectives – for example, water filters can be classified as cheap, affordable and rather expensive.
Do not forget about thesis statement. Every kind of an essay should have one. In classification essay, it contains the topic and its classification. Categories are named at times there too.
“(topic)… (how classified)… (category) (category) (category)”
The following questions might help you to come up with your thesis:
– What would lie in the basis of my topic classification?
– How can I possible subdivide the classification?
– What is my intention – to prove or explain and what exactly do I want as a result?
– Do I make it complicated or oversimplify?
– What am I trying to say with my essay? To what conclusion should my reader jump?
How it`s made
• Make sure all the categories are mentioned. Do not miss any critical one. At the same time, too many is no good because it will make your classification blurry.
• As has already been mentioned, classify accordingly to the single principle of organization.
• Examples are important. Support each category with examples without distinction.
• Write an outline to organize your essay and give it a structured shape before actually examining the chosen topic.
• There has to be an introduction in the end of which you put the thesis statement mentioned before. This is the section with some specific information for your reader to be acquainted with what you are going to present with your essay.
Body paragraphs are what come next after the introduction. You should begin them each of them with a topic sentence. It specifies a particular approach or type. Then go to description or illustration of the types with details.
• The order you place in your information is up to you. Just make sure it corresponds to the topic sentence.
The conclusion is about tying together all what you said above. You may leave one last comment on all the approaches mentioned in this way summarizing it all. No new information should be presented in this section in order not to confuse your reader. The purpose should be clearly emphasized in here.
• Use transition words such as “is categorized by”, “can be divided into”, “several kinds of”, “classified according to”, “in this category”, “this type of”, etc. for your paper to look polished.
• Keep the tone professional. Avoid using slang. Classification/division essays are related to writing at workplaces. Therefore, writing this kind of an essay consider as if you apply to your boss or co-workers.
• Do not forget about revising your paper. Check it wisely on punctuation and grammar errors.
Sum up, it may be said…

To classify is very convenient. Especially if the topic is complex, it will be rather useful and highly advisable to divide it into categories. What is important to remember is that there is no mixing of standards allowed. It means that once you divide something into categories, it should be done within one standard; it is either price, time, quality, quantity or durability. It goes without saying that to write a classification essay requires skills of being able to divide into pieces but to do it within rational frame – not too short, not too long and up to the point. It develops rational and logical thinking. It is an art and even though you might feel weak writing it now, this art is possible to master to bring to perfection with time or at least to feel more confident writing.