Character analysis essay

How to write a character analysis essay.

  •             A character analysis essay means an analysis of a character, whether that is some real historical persona or fictional character therefore, you may write a John Proctor character analysis essay, Macbeth, Hamlet character analysis essay, or any other figure in case you were not assigned to write about somebody by your teacher originally.

character analysis essayA holistic approach what is required.

It is needless to say, that the analysis of a character differs in relation to whether it is written on high school or college level because if you are a college student, your character analysis essay requires more background information, evidences and more of a context.

To pick a character to analyze, one (character) should have a moral dilemma to struggle with so there was something to analyze. Simple stating that a character is unhappy; having issues is not enough information but something to begin with. Once a personal experience of the author is involved or social and economic conditions of the time, which influenced the author`s point of view – it makes the analysis more spicy, more effective.

  •  It goes without saying that there should be a thesis. You start with a paragraph, which is an opening one where you actually put your thesis statement for your reader to see. If the thesis of an essay is good, it gives the context and provides with the hints as for the purpose of your paper. Technically, a thesis normally goes in the end of the opening paragraph. A semicolon is used in order to differentiate the two aspects – reasoning and, of course, its result. For example, a thesis that describes situation of a character and the impact it had on his way of thinking: “He was abused by women all his life starting from his mother and ending with girlfriends, who were leaving him one by one, hurting him in many ways and that is how he learnt to have no trust in women”.
  •  Introduction is the part where you put some general information. It is entry to your paper, which is your world and you welcome your reader in this world of yours by presenting an overview of the author`s life or a story`s description succinctly narrated to support your thesis. There is no need to introduce your character in the opening sentence but add some information in case the author himself or herself was abused just like the character.
  •  Think over the main ideas you should cover in the essay. If that a mistrust you deal with, make sure every new idea provides evidence for mistrust. Create a few word concept for your ideas and turn them into paragraphs. A character`s actions in the story should be discussed and the fact how they reinforce the thesis you make. Each paragraph may be started with a topic sentence. Keep focused on one idea without jumping to some other ideas. Do not forget to provide with examples.
  •  Body paragraph should include identification of the character`s type, description of a character and conflict (moral dilemma mentioned above). A character can be of a stereotypical, antagonist or protagonist, narrow-minded, minor or major one, multifaceted or of a combined type. A description of a character does not mean his or her appearance only but a description of the habits and worldview. Observe the changes within the character, both inwardly and outwardly if any. Look closer to a character`s name whether it has any hidden meaning related to the story itself and, naturally, write on the conflict and its outcome.
  •  Conclusion does not have to contain any new information. It might confuse your reader. What conclusions work for is to summarize all the above and remind the reader of the thesis statement but you do not have to copy past it, just restate it. Conclusion is your last chance to persuade your reader in validity of your character analysis essay. For example, if abuse was an issue your character dealt with, remind your reader about unfavorable conditions he was going through. Reminding and summarizing the main ideas of your essay is what your conclusion should be based on.
  •  Do not forget about the title. It should be catchy, memorable, inviting for readers as if shouting Read Me! In case your conclusion says, that the character you analyze did not experience mutual love, try a title like: “Love bites, love hurts” or “Bitten heart”. There is information in both titles taken from your conclusion. Reinforce your idea and create a mystery about your essay`s content.


character-analysis-essayA few words about the format. Your teacher should have provided you with all the necessary instructions towards formatting the paper. If this is not the case, simply write a standard classical 5-paragraph essay with outline, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Mind your audience as well. Think about people whom you write your essay for. They might have the same education as you do or be less knowledgeable in the issue under discussion.

Do not forget about transition words for your essay to look more smoothly so there were no sudden changes in your paper. Do not hesitate using quotations where appropriate. Read, analyze, write and best of luck to you!