Cause and effect essay

How to write a cause and effect essay.

cause-effect-essay— Before working on this kind of an essay, make sure you understand what a cause and effect essay really is. It is easy to guess that there should be a cause and an effect in the essay. It is about why something happens (what caused it to happen) and what is the result (-s) (the effect it made). Writing a cause and effect essay is a good way to organize and discuss ideas.

— First what you have to do is to denote cause and effect. Ask yourself why something happened. It will determine causes. Then, ask yourself what happened as a result. It will determine effect. For example, cause the internet connection failed; effect you will not get the access to the internet.

— There are times when many causes bring about one result, one effect and many effects can appear from one single cause. For instance, causes used to like the language at high school, went abroad at college, have a relative living in there, good at languages; effect choose to major in linguistics. Cause homeworking; effects no need to spend money on travel, flexible schedule, no real-life communication with co-workers and boss. There is such a thing as chain reaction, a causal chain or domino effect though:
— Thinking about job…forgot about friends…they bent out of shape…they stopped calling and texting…became lonely.

— Every essay is supposed to have a thesis statement. This one is not an exception. Make sure you state either cause, effect or both clearly enough. Introduce your reader to the main idea of your essay. Do not forget to mention the terms “cause” or “effect” depending on what you are reflecting.

— As soon as your thesis is pointed out, support it with found beforehand and organized details. You may do it either in chronological order, in order of importance or divided into categories.

— For the essay to look more smoothly and was easier to read, do not hesitate using transition words. There is a list of some transitions you may feel free to use in your essays: if that is for causes first, second, another is, due to, since, because, on cause is. For effects consequently, therefore, as a result, hence, in all likelihood, another is, thus, one result is, resulted in.

— While writing,
– decide on the purpose you are doing it, whether it is to inform or to persuade;
– keep focused on those causes or effects, which are related directly and occur close in time;
– make your essay stronger using factual information, statistics, notions and terms providing with relevant examples, maybe anecdotes, funny is good;
– limit your statements unless it is clear that events are related to each other;
– qualify what you have to say with such phrases as “It seems likely”, “it appears that the cause was” or “The evidence may indicate” and alike to make it sound more credible.

— To make it more evaluable and effective, make sure you answered the questions like the following: what is the cause? What is the effect? What to emphasize? Are there multiple or single causes (effects)? Is there a chain reaction?
Select a topic. It should be easy. Here are some for you to choose from in case you have not yet and there is none you were assigned.

Causes and effects of sleeping troubles;
Causes and effects of eating disorders;
Causes and effects of natural disasters;
Causes and effects of global warming, etc.

— There are many more. Choose any topic where there is a cause and effect accordingly. Go as far as your process of thinking and imagination can go. cause and effect essay

— A few words about the structure of the cause and effect essay. There is nothing super difficult. What you need to do is to write an introduction where you put your thesis statement, basis for chain reaction, specify effect or effects. What caused it will be the main question. Body is the part where the discussion is going on. Every new body paragraph presents with a new cause and effect. The most widely used is considered to be a five-paragraph long essay (three body paragraphs if not to take introduction and conclusion into consideration – explanation of cause, – of effect and – relationships, which are going to be the strong arguments you present). Conclusion is going to be the final part of your paper. This is the place where you go back to your thesis statement reminding about it to your reader and synthesizes what you have said. It is about asking the reader to decide or presenting a belief of yours. It ties all the previous parts of the essay together. Start with an outline, which is a plan for your essay to organize it and look neater.

— Do not forget about editing and proofreading. Revision is important. Make sure there are neither punctuation nor grammar errors in your text. It would be good if there was a person, you trust enough and whose opinion you value to have a look at your essay with a fresh eye. Avoid writing in the first person. It will have an effect of limiting the information to just yours and even though it may contain personal observations, it should not sound as just your information.

— One more thing, the theme you pick should be important for you in the first place. This is the key for its success and interest for your reader. You do not need your essay to be the cause of your reader`s constant yawning as an effect, do you? 🙂