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persuasive essay topicsWelcome to persuasive essay topics world! It is an imaginary land where you can find an answer to any question you might come up with. Or a question, which would never occur your head. Have you ever wanted to visit an imaginary land? Just so there was everything you could ever wished for. Well, now you have such a chance. This is the place, up here and it is open for visitors around-the-clock. See, your dream about imaginary land came true already. The next step is to pick a topic for your persuasive essay from our wide range of topics. What? You forgot it was your primary intension. That is easy to understand and we are glad we made you feel how actually easy and free you may feel yourself here. We are sure you can do it and pick something on here. Enjoy your trip!

  1. Should there be Russian language among the options of languages on the menu of the international service? Write a persuasive essay on this topic.
  2. Gary Moore, a man of genius in the world of music. Provide with persuasive essay on this topic.
  3. People tricky covered with freckles are fun. Write a persuasive essay about it.
  4. Redheaded are shameless. Do you agree with this statement? Provide your answer with a persuasive essay.
  5. Is it a good thing to feed homeless animals or do we have to get rid of them? Write an argument persuasive essay.
  6. Should there be such a job opening as an idea man? What kind of vacancy is that? Do you have any ideas?
  7. There are no unattractive women in this world but lazy. What are your thoughts on this point?
  8. Is there have to be a free sample in the store to go with the purchase a customer make every time just so there was a motivation to come again?
  9. Girls are closer to their mothers and boys – to their fathers. Write an argument persuasive essay on this score. Add examples if any.
  10. Does a postcard count as a gift? What is your argument on that point?


How are you feeling so far? Is there anything caught your eye?

  1. Infantile persuasive essay.
  2. Is it a good thing for teachers and students to communicate at after classes time especially if they are of opposite sex?
  3. Are machines better than human beings are? Do you think that they will replace people in the future?
  4. Does it have to be allowed for workers to eat during the day apart from the lunchtime?
  5. Charlie Chaplin, a genius or pervert. Write a persuasive essay of your own covering your point of view on this topic.
  6. Was a committed stage a coup in Ukraine worthwhile or the game was not worth the candle?
  7. A woman does not fit in a position of a president. If you were a woman wanting to become a president, what would your political program be? A president of what country would you want to become. Provide with a persuasive essay with outline including a thesis of yours, introduction, body part and conclusion.
  8. Long hair is power. Write your persuasive essay on that statement. Provide with examples.
  9. I am too old to study. Provide with your persuasive essay on this point.
  10. Musician and artist are not serious things to do through life. Write a high school persuasive essay on this point. Mention whom you would want to become when you grow up. What is attractive for you about this particular profession?

Be sure that you may depend on us to see things through.

  1. Baptism should be optional. Write a persuasive essay on whether you would want to be baptized initially or you do not care much about it. Maybe you would want to convert into another religion. What religion it would be and why.
  2. Write a persuasive essay on what is not allowed to do while visiting another country. Choose whatever country you like and make an imaginary trip based on information you know about this country or pick a country you happened to visit and describe your experience.
  3. Psychology of coffee. Write your argument persuasive essay on the effect coffee makes on you in case you are a coffee drinker.
  4. Adventure time persuasive essay. Write on the deep message the cartoon conveys.
  5. Does color have a flavor?
  6. Cigarettes and cigars should be illegal.
  7. Nowadays, it is harder to get a job right after graduating college than it was 30 years ago.
  8. Elementary school children should not have cell phones.
  9. Medical nurses should get higher wage.
  10. Life after death is possible.

Do not forget to drink water so your body was not dehydrated and your mind worked properly so you could analyze information above and below.

  1. Every country should have its army.
  2. Should strange laws in some American states like carrying ice cream in the pocket be canceled?
  3. Should mothers who abandon their children leaving them in public places and were found afterwards be put to jail?
  4. One fool makes many. Is that right, in your opinion? Write a persuasive essay upon this matter.
  5. Shifting the furniture helps to cope with depression.
  6. The best possible menus as lunch options for kids.
  7. What improves a self-esteem?
  8. How to be a good salesperson? Make guidelines providing with examples for each.
  9. Is sugarcoated lie better than bitter truth?
  10. Should there be some fees for bullying?

Something tells me you already know what to pick but hesitating for some reason. It is okay. Here are some more options to look through and think about.

  1. Gone with the wind persuasive essay.
  2. A man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. Provide your argument persuasive essay on this topic.
  3. Should we switch to electric cars and when do you think approximately it might happen in case it happens.
  4. Are you for or against cloning? Would you want to be cloned?
  5. Do you think the risk of plastic surgery is paid off?
  6. Monsters or flowers of life.
  7. Write a prompt on convincing someone who does not re-watch movies to re-watch one.
  8. Assure someone that the world without money is possible. Come up with ways of payment of your own.
  9. Persuade somebody who is non-smoker to smoke a cigarette with you.
  10. Choose one out of four seasons and provide with argument persuasive essay on why it is better than the rest.

Every trip has those moments when you think it over. Everything you were or just about to see…

  1. Do you think people will ever visit all 8 primary plants?
  2. Do people have to keep trying doing something despite it does not work out or should they just leave it and go to something they are obviously better at?
  3. Is it reasonable to make a child to attend music classes or else the child is not even interested in?
  4. What do you think is the most boring job ever and why is that?
  5. What is the best position ever, in your opinion?

persuasiveessaystopics56. Super power. Blessing or coursing.

57. Convince you do not act from a selfish motive when you contact someone whose help or favor you need.

58. Persuade that people do listen to instructions provided with a flight attendant every time on a board of a plane before taking off.

59. Write a college persuasive essay on Bernard Shaw`s words: “Women are chippie”.

60. Provide with an example written in a form of persuasive essay why it is wrong to think that very often we fall for those people who do not care about us.

It is important for us that you enjoy what you are to see.

61. The better one looks, the more demons are within.

62. Long arm of coincidence. Give your prompts on this topic.

63. Write a persuasive essay with your ideas on the thought that we enter this world being lonely and leave it in loneliness too.

64. A persuasive essay for kids on who is their hero and why.

65. To be sick is expensive. Write your persuasive essay on this topic.

66. Get angry with people but do not stop loving them. Write a persuasive essay of your own on this statement.

67. Write your persuasive essay on why it is better not to repeat rather dangerous tricks we see on TV.

68. Suggest the list of things in a persuasive essay, which in your opinion should be unfinished due to some reasons.

69. Red Square on white by Malevich. Write a persuasive essay on this particular painting and persuade how it is influential on the world of art.

70. Give an example of a worldwide known novel which has not been made a screen version of yet and give your reasons why in a persuasive essay.

Here is another turn. Be attentive just so you did not miss anything what might actually be vital.

71. Is life purpose all about family only? Provide with your thoughts in an argument persuasive essay.

72. Give your definition of state anxiety and how is it different from depression and apathy.

73. Provide with a persuasive essay on that we do harm to ourselves through self-suggestion.

74. Write a persuasive essay on how going on a hike on one`s own might actually help to recover from personal tragedy in life.

75. Persuade writing an essay with examples that in case of a child`s custody the law is always on a mother`s side.

76. Kids or career. What to choose and is it possible to combine both?

77. Persuade reorganized person that he or she can actually organize himself or herself. Describe the ways you are going to make it work.

78. An alcohol drink is rarely delicious. What is so attractive about drinking alcohol? Why people become drunkards? Do they become ones or is it in their blood?

79. Reading printed sources is better than on electronic devices. Provide your arguments with a persuasive essay.

80. We should provide homeless people with spare change.

Look around. Are you sure you did not miss anything?

81. There are many dating agencies whose female clients are not interested in getting married but in a profit only in the form of financial support and presents from the customers of dating sites. Do you think they need to be shut down?

82. Modern horror movies. Scaring or disgusting. Compare with horrors from the previous century taking Alfred Hitchcock`s movies as an example.

83. Write a persuasive essay on Catcher in the Rye by Salinger. Describe the problem of the main character and how is it differ from the problems of young people of our time.

84. Discuss the power of love and readiness to sacrifice the things people value most of all in their life for another person, person they love based on any literary work on your choice.

85. Discuss why Star Wars are so popular.

86. Suggest your ideas as for the following events in case of Julius Caesar to stay alive.

87. Sometimes, a prototype of some character is a living person. Describe a character you know from any literature piece a prototype of whom a living person was.

88. Discuss the phenomenon described in Marcel Proust’s Swann`s way book when the main character tried a cookie and it brought memories within his head. Has anything like that ever happened to you?

89. Is it better to do something and regret later or not to do and regret about it?

90. Provide with a speech essay with toasts proposals at office parties on behalf of newcomer and someone who has been working on this place for years.

Look back and make sure it is not what you need because we have some more for you here.

91. There is no need to be afraid of the dead. Fear the living. Do you agree?

92. Famous ex-porn star Sasha Gray was involved in reading books for children in the kindergarten. What would your reaction be if that were one of your children, she was reading a book to? Would you act loyal in that situation keeping in mind that porn stars are also people? Besides, she quit starring in movies for adults.

93. Write a persuasive essay on a commercial. Imagine yourself an author, pick a product you want to sell or invent one and make it salable using whatever persuasive words and images you might come up with.

94. Persuade with an essay that money and fame do not change a person. Give an example to support your opinion.

95. There is a buyer for every product.

96. Prom dresses are too revealing nowadays.

97. In case of urgent evacuation due to some reasons, write a persuasion essay on evacuation plan. Some people do not feel like leaving their homes and prefer to stay in no matter what. Persuade why it is better to leave, where would you go and how would you get ready for emergency beforehand just in case.

98. How ethical is that to keep wild animals and others in the zoos, terrariums and dolphinariums? Provide with a middle school persuasive essay. Do you like going to the places like that? Alternatively, do you feel sorry for the animals?

99. Should a corporation of any kind despite the number of workers include a daily physical exercising for office employees during the working days? At least beside their desks or maybe there should be a special room, some sort of a gym to do exercises away from computers.

100. The two people have to get married first before having a baby.

Thank you for choosing a trip with us. We were happy to help. Just in case, here are few more topics for you to look through for next time 🙂

101. Everything happens for a reason.

102. Write a persuasive essay on a field ration. The soldiers of which country, in your opinion, is provided with a better field ration and why? Do you have someone currently serving or been to the army in your family? What does (did) he say about the level of food and its variety?

103. There should be a siesta after lunchtime.

104. Persuade with an essay that abortion has rather bad consequences on a woman`s organism.

105. Provide with a persuasive essay on how you realized the extent to which global warming is serious.

106. Persuade that no pain, no gain is a correct statement.

107. Abraham Lincoln received a letter from a little girl in which she wrote that a politician looks better with a beard on his face. Since then, he began wearing a beard. Persuade it is true by giving the grounds for this.

108. Marriage ruins relationships. Persuade it is a wrong statement.