Extended essay

How to write an extended essay.

extended essayThis type of an essay is also called international baccalaureate. An extended essay is what required by Diploma Program. Students develop their skills in conducting a research independently on a topic, which is interesting for them. The research you do needs to be methodological and planned. Therefore, each student is free to choose a topic he/she likes to write an extended essay on. Nearly 40 hours are given to complete such an essay. Though normally talking to a school supervisor will help with deadlines as long as this is what they do, determine the deadlines.

So, think it over what topic you could possibly write an extended essay on so it looked interesting and complete showing you know the subject well enough. You have to be interested in writing what you chose to write about otherwise it will not work out. The topic you choose has to be specific, not something general. If you happen to be good at math, physics, chemistry, psychology, history or biology – give it a shot and write an extended essay on the topic relating to one of these areas. Read more … »

Expository essay

How to write an expository essay.

Expository essayFrom A to izzard.


         In order to write an expository essay, one should know how to start and to begin with, let us give a definition of what an expository essay is. Therefore, an expository essay is an analysis made on factual knowledge with no thoughts and emotions of the person writing this essay. There is neither criticism nor argument. There cannot be any maybe, if or whether but how, in what ways, when. It is about explanation, which lies at the heart of the essay`s prompt. It has to be clear and simple which does not mean that it is easy though.

 How it`s made

         Every piece of work in general and an essay in particular contains a thesis statement or, if you please, its main idea within its content and an expository essay is not an exception. When it comes to its structure, five paragraphs are essential to mention. Read more … »

Explication essay

How to write an explication essay.

explication essayTo write an explication essay, one should know the definition of explication. When it comes to explication, an explanation of something is meant. The word itself is of a Latin origin, ex and plicare means out and fold out so, it is unfolding what is placed beneath the text. For the purpose of writing an excellent paper, one should follow certain guidelines.

Start with an introduction to your explication essay. Before that, you should come up with the topic of your essay of course. That along with the thesis statement will be the information you get your reader acquainted with in the introduction paragraph. If that is going to be an explication essay for some short story, for example, “The Gift of the Magi” written by O. Henry, put the title in, the name of the author and provide with a short overview of the story mentioning the elements, which are the most essential. The thesis of your essay is its central, therefore the most important argument. Thus, you need to make it as clear and neat as possible for your readers to get it right. Normally, it is put in the end of the introduction section. Read more … »

Descriptive essay

How to write a descriptive essay.

descriptive essayIntroductory section

  • It is easy to guess that descriptive means a description of someone or something. It is also called expressive essay
  • A descriptive essay stands for a description in a written form. As for the topics, they vary.
  • Anything may be a subject.
  • An outline would not go amiss to organize a descriptive essay and work on it gradually. As a rule, schoolchildren make it look like five paragraph essay. Students at colleges and above are freer at composition and structure.

 Body part

  • When it comes to how to write a descriptive essay, start with a theme selection.
  • To be able to describe, one should be able to observe first. For example, if it is going to be a person, take a good look at this person, have a talk, find out of what type of character this person is along with a description of the appearance.
  • Avoid jumping up and down while describing, meaning that it would not look good if telling about appearance all of a sudden traits of character pop in and then going back to the appearance again.
  • A descriptive essay is about painting some kind of a picture for a reader by means of the author`s senses and descriptive devices.

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Definition essay

How to write a definition essay.

definition essayFrom A to Z.

Introductory paragraph

  • When it comes to a definition essay what occurs to your head at the top? Correct, it is a definition itself. Definition is about explanation of some term. Some things are possible to give a concrete explanation, for example table, notebook or car and some, such as love, beauty, sophistication, happiness, which are abstract, depend upon a person`s viewpoint.
  • How to write a definition essay? First of all, there are three steps on the way to making your definition effective which is highly important otherwise the point will be lost. The information you present has to be basic and clear. It is essential to use factual information, amusing anecdotes, give examples, which will be understandable for your reader.
  • Needless to say, that in order to be get-a-able for your reader, you need to make sure you understand what you write about in the first place. Reading dictionaries will be helpful but there is no need to copy past what you just read. Digest every piece you read, try to capture what it is about and write it down in your own words shedding a new light on it.
  • Avoid unnecessary details. For instance, with no end in sight you may write about love. Setting a limit on it, write about “love for your neighbors”, “love for children” or “love for country” (patriotism).

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DBQ essay

How to write a dbq essay.

dbqessayNo, it is not a misprint. Stop thinking about barbeque and focus on writing an essay, which is a document-based question essay. This is what dbq stands for.

How to write a good dbq essay you might wonder and here is the answer – keep focused on the assignment. As is the case with a thematic essay we were discussing in the previous article, document-based question essay requires analysis and organization of the information you are going to use for your essay. It is highly important to read the historical background of the assignment you are going to work on in order to make it as effective and credible as possible. Select the most significant moments above all. You might work on it using a table to make it more get-able. You may create an outline in the form of a table for easier perception of the information.

If to speak about format or structure of document-based question essay, it is not different from any other types of an essay. It must contain introduction paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion naturally. Pre-writing, making notes and first drafts are advisable. This is as for how to start a dbq essay. Present historical facts upon the theme in the introduction paragraph to get your readers acquainted with the topic. A thesis statement is also put in the introduction. Read more … »

Critical essay

How to write a critical essay.

critical essayAn essay on criticism requires obtaining certain techniques to make everything right and therefore develops a writer`s skills in reading carefully, technical research, writing scholarly, proofreading and referencing. Writing a critical paper will help on the way to engaging into conversations of an academic kind gaining tools to talk and think in deeper ways.

Work on gathering information for referencing to have plenty to choose from but do not pick too much in order not to lose the main point. Do not use other random people answers as references and Wikipedia is no good either. Look through the sources you found for your critical essay references list. Already published critical essays on the topic you have chosen, york notes and books are good sources to seek for inspiration. Relevance is the key when it comes to the sources. Read more … »

Controversial essay

How to write a controversial essay.

controversial essayHead-note

            It is definitely a challenge to write a controversial essay especially writing for the first time but it is as interesting as challenging! Are you up for a challenge? Then let us get started! As a rule, a controversial essay covers a matter people already have a clear idea of. What you need to do is to combine viewpoints with factual information and evidences for readers so they could observe both sides of the matter. Another purpose is persuasion of the readers that your point of view is happen to be.

 “Into the woods”

            If you choose to write a controversial argumentative essay with a purpose to make your reader agree with your opinion, you need to pick a topic you feel strongly about and are able to give strong justifications and persuasive arguments. The matter should be hot, burning, something of a current interest. Make up a thesis statement. Every kind of essay should have one and put it in your introductory paragraph. There is no way it can be a question but a solid stand on how you see the matter you chose to write about. It has to be concise and drastically made. Pay special attention to it as long as it is the most important part of your essay you are to start from, the model you are going to dress up in the garment of your own design. Your essay is going to be like clothes made to measure. Read more … »

Compare and contrast essay

How to write compare and contrast essay.

 All the way from A to Z.

Let me speak aside.

I believe it is worth mentioning what essay is, first. Therefore, an essay is a writing on some topic, which you choose or was asked to write about beforehand. There are different kinds of essay. Those can be analytical, expository, narrative, argumentative, persuasive, definition, classification, descriptive, sequence, choice, explanation, evaluation, compare and contrast. Quite a variety, huh? Either way, today I would want to pay your attention to the latter in the list kind of essay namely compare and contrast essay. As for the topics for compare and contrast essays, they may be different. It may be art, poetry, literature, for instance classical sample of Romeo and Juliet, something for kids, dogs and cats after all. Everything depends upon the situation whether you were told to write on some particular topic, what you need it for. For example, you are a student and this is your task for the middle, high school or college. This may be your initiative, let us say, you are a writer and writing essays is your specialization or hobby.

compare and contrast essayThere are plenty of examples and tips on how to write this kind of an essay along with others types of essay in general. How to start writing one? Well, first, make sure you came up with some ideas and picked the topics. There should be two of them to compare and contrast in your essay. More often than not, we are frightened before the new task overall and before writing something in particular because we think we cannot make it. It always seems as if it is doomed to failure before we even started. It seems as if it is not even worth trying. Not everyone was born talented in writing. I would say, everything is worth a shot. Well, almost everything. Read more … »

Common app essay

How to write a common app essay.

common app essayAnnotation

            The 2015-2016 application season at colleges has already begun and every applicant has a chance to represent himself or herself with a common application essay. Each of us has a story, a background, something we achieved and are proud of or just a little something, some small victories and a set of peculiarities of our own. This is what a common application essay stands for.


            Now think carefully what it is so special about you that makes you different from others and worth writing about. It might take you three minutes as if your life is some sort of a short advertisement we see every day on television or a couple of hours as if your life is a book, a good book, which is required to read. Make sure it is dynamic characterizing you, speaks out who you are but not some other person you would want to resemble. Does watching Miracle on 34th Street every year on Christmas night or before the holidays has any impact on how you see the holiday and Christmas family traditions? Does your pierced face and dyed-pink hair define who you are? Did a famous Scott Schuman`s photo blog inspire you on creating a blog of your own where you would post photos while traveling all over the world commenting on what made you take one or another picture putting it together eventually into a book of the best photo shoots at some point? What are you crazy about and why are you crazy about it? Read more … »