Rogerian essay

How to write a Rogerian essay.

            This type of an essay was named after a psychologist Carl Rogers. It belongs to those types of an essay, which is the most difficult to write. Just like any other form of an expository writing, it requires pretty much of the same skills. Essays normally takes up conflict questions and/or have a good mind to persuade with credible argument and a good relevant example going along. Opinions differ. What Rogerian essays do is creating a positive dialogue between people whose points of view are divergent.

rogerian essay   The first thing you should do is to do a research on the chosen topic. Oh right, you need to choose a topic, to start with. Your research on the topic for a Rogerian essay should be balanced. The first part of an essay is an introductory part, which you might outline. Catch your reader`s attention with it. It has to be long enough to answer on both sides` opinions and the topic itself of course. This is where you present your topic; get your reader acquainted with it. You might outline the piece going after introductory paragraph, where you prepare readers to look through arguments with open and calm frame of mind. Read more … »

Reflection ( reflective ) essay

How to write a reflection essay.

           reflection essay Before actually writing a reflection or reflective essay, one should know a definition of a reflective essay and what lies within it. A good reflective essay is about observing and examining the progress of the individual experience of a writer. It analyzes and explains the writer`s development and discusses the future aims and goals.

Quite often, when you hear a reflection essay you think of a portfolio representing someone.

Usage of a descriptive language is important here.

A thesis statement is required for a self-reflective essay you write on.

Any writing style is applicable.

Writing a reflective paper assume a shape of a journal, personal reflective essay, learning log, reaction paper.

A common structure is as following:

Introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

The introduction should be no longer than one paragraph. Let your reader see the purpose of your essay but with no details included as for the body of your writing. It has its challenges, key features, getting an appropriate right language, using of academic evidence as long as it is one of the forms of academic writing. Read more … »

Profile essay

How to write a profile essay.

          profile essay  To write a profile essay or personal profile essay, what you need to do first is to interview a person even though this person might be someone you know. Prepare questions for the interview to be able to write it in an organized way. Actually, any subject may be in the center of a profile essay, an event or a place. If to write a profile essay was an assignment for a composition course in a college, two classmates might interview each other to write a profile essay based on the answers. Doing so, classmates introduce one another to the rest of the class getting each other closer.

You might be wondering what it looks like to write a profile essay on an event or a place. Everything is pretty simple. Do not freak out 🙂 To do so, you need to conduct an interview with someone who has been a participant of the event you wish to write on or has visited the place you feel like writing on. There is also another way, which is to visit the place or event by yourself and write a profile essay based on your observations. Read more … »

Process analysis essay

How to write a process analysis (“a how-to”) essay.

process analysis essayWhat to consider…

On your marks!

            Do you need a process analysis essay? Does it scare you? Do not panic! Help is coming! First and foremost, what you need to know is what process analysis essay mean. Usually, people are afraid of unknown. As soon as you are acquainted with the term of process analysis, you will find it not that scaring. In fact, you might even like it. Therefore, let the journey begins!

Get set!

            Let us make the first stop and have a look at what process essay is. Process essay is about description of some process bit by bit. It goes without saying that there should be an idea or so-called thesis in the essay. Process essay can be directional, which directs a reader on the way of how to do something and informational, which tells how something works. For example, how to make a custard filling for a cake made of thin layers of pastry may be a topic for a directional process essay. As for a example of informational process essay, how machine making frozen pancakes works might be a good one. Read more … »

Problem and solution essay

How to write a problem solution essay.

From A to Z.

Background informationproblemandsolutionessay

            To write a problem solution essay, one should have a problem and a solution or solutions accordingly to cover the points. Some essays of this kind, and this is kind of an argumentative essay, though, require reasons or causes instead of problems and this is not the same as problems.

One way or another, what you need to do first is to decide upon the problem that you are going to shed the light on. Set up your idea clearly. Think over expressions to introduce the problem. How this problem you have chosen is illustrated as it goes along, what are the results after the problem is being discussed. Interestingly, that a problem/solution essay is often called propose a solution essay.

Make up an outline. This, along with the answers to the questions above, will help you to make your problem solution essay look organized. In the paragraphs of the main body, make sure you answered the following questions such as the problem of your discussion (topic), its explanation for readers and how it effects the environment. Read more … »

Observation essay

How to write an observation essay.

            observation essayFor a start, writing an observation papers gives a chance to brush up on your skills giving you a practice to work on your writing and editing skills about everything around and what you choose to observe. In order to write an observation essay, no matter whether you do it because you feel like it or it was your assignment, a classroom observation essay, preschool observation essay, a child observation essay, look through the steps below to make it right.

Naturally, you need to begin with an observation of an object or event before putting it down on paper. Once the topic was chosen, it is worth mentioning that not only your eyes work here but also other senses as well such as listening to the sounds, taking in the smells, the way it feels when you touch it and how it tastes, observe how cohesive everything is altogether. Read more … »

Narrative essay

How to write a narrative essay.

narrative essayFrom A to Z.

“Drawing the curtain…”

Are you confused? Is this your first time writing a narrative essay? Let us help you. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It will not bite. To begin with, do you know what narrative essay is? A narrative essay means telling a story. This is the definition of narrative essay in simple language just to make your confusion go away 🙂 Every time you tell a story to a friend, relative or co-worker, it is a verbal narrative essay of its kind. How to write a narrative essay you might ask though, if you, for example, a student and this was your assignment at the college. Well, every essay discloses a certain point of view, your point of view if, of course, that is you who are the narrator. There always should be a point about your story, about your essay. This is your personal narrative essay. Select a topic, to start with. It has to be something you have a clear viewpoint about so you could tell it to your reader and it sounded fascinating. It is needless to say, that the topic you pick should be interesting for you as a narrator in the first place. As long as it is produced in a written form, its literacy is what is also significant along with clearly made point. It is important to note that there is no right or wrong but just your point of sight towards something. Read more … »

Memoir essay

How to write a memoir essay.

            What is a memoir essay? It is a personal story of anybody really. A life story by the time it is to put on paper. This is where it ends as long as there can be no fictional events to happen in the future. There are many examples of memoir essays available to look through as a sample of one to write by oneself or to inform oneself about for general development.

memoir essay It might seem funny and a little odd but you do need to do a research on yourself before writing a memoir essay. Everyone has family photos, some have video recordings from childhood and awkward age, even from the present days recorded, let us say, last week. It allows to start and keep going from there. People surrounding you do have something to tell about you too, to describe you as a person, a friend, a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, a mother or a father maybe etc. you may come up with a questionary if you please. Creativity is a plus. Read more … »

Historiographical essay

How to write a historiographical essay.

historiographical essay

Historiographical essays or historiographic essays are about a description of historical events naturally. It is a history within history written in the form of an essay. Therefore, knowledge of history is required especially of the event you chose to write your essay on. This type of an essay also requires exploration of different sources, which might be contradictory.

historiographicalessayAs for the elements of a historiographical essay, what you need to do first is to present a thesis statement. The thesis statement, in its turn, presents an event at stake, introduces the sources briefly, perspectives and main points to be disagreed of the authors of these sources. It is a part of introduction. There has to be a historic theme you work on. There has to be no question asked in your introduction paragraph on a researched topic. Body paragraphs are about development and elaboration of the main points, pulling out the disagreement some specific ideas, paraphrasing the arguments and making an analysis on the way. Think and write upon why exactly the authors are disagree. A conclusion paragraph is about summarizing what you have found during the work on your paper, make evaluation of your sources credibility, point out which ones are the most valid and what makes them so. Read more … »

GED essay

How to write an essay for General Education Development (GED) test.

ged essayTo begin with, let us say what General Education Development test is. It is a bunch of tests on four different subjects, passing which allows getting Canadian or American academic skills of high school-level. A test-taker should be at least sixteen years old to be able to pass the tests. Those subjects are language arts, mathematical reasoning, science and social studies. A test taker is given 150 minutes for language arts including a 10-minute break and 90 minutes for each out of the rest. It is allowed to re-take each test up to three times. There is no time limits in re-passing the tests; a test taker has to pay a fee for each trial though. The passing score is 150 for each subject. In case English is one`s second language, it is possible to pass the tests in Spanish. There are also special accommodations for people with emotional, physical needs and special learning. The results are available in three hours after passing the tests. Read more … »