Define essay

What is an essay?

define assay

An essay is a short literary composition on some topic with analytical or speculative discussion involved. An essay means an attempt, a try and normally has an outline, an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion. It may be a critical study, an editorial, a feature story. It includes in-text citations, transition words, facts, statistics, if that is a research paper, strong persuasive arguments with relevant examples in order if not to convince, then at least to influence on readers minds, to make them think in a new way.

There are different types of an essay. It may be argumentative and persuasive as has already been mentioned; an essay may be descriptive, analytical, definition essay, expository, analysis, narrative, synthesis, personal, reflective, process, informative, compare and contrast essay. Let us have a closer look at each, therefore: Read more … »

Body paragraphs of an essay

How to write body paragraphs.

           write-your-body-paragraphs Body paragraphs are the middle layers of the “sandwich” called essay. You narrate, explain, describe, and analyze in these paragraphs the topic you have chosen to write about in your essay. What you need to think over is the arguments you will provide with to make your essay credible and effective and give relevant examples to support your arguments. To cut it short, what you do is put your ideas and thoughts into body paragraphs of your essay. Thus, if you are going to discuss two issues, you need to make two body paragraphs, three issues – three body paragraphs and so on.

If to speak about the structure of the body paragraphs, it is the same despite the type of the essay you are to write. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence (at least in academic essays), which is an opening of sorts of the body section and the idea itself. Make sure every argument you give has an example or few to support it as long as it cannot count as relevant when no examples are given. Under every point you make, leave some free space for few lines of the point`s elaboration. Elaboration means further explanation, discussion or description of the issue. It is up to you but you may feel free to add a summary sentence into each body paragraph. It is not something, which is compulsory but such kind pf sentences might sound puffy. Read more … »

Introduction of an essay

How to write an introduction of an essay.

            essay_introEvery piece of paper in general and an essay of any type in particular begins with an introductory paragraph. The introduction is a map of sorts, which is a guide for readers through the essay. The main point of an essay is a treasure and a reader is a treasure-hunter. Most of the introductory paragraphs start with a statement for orientation. It is general and leading to the topic of an essay and ends with a statement, which is called a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a brief response of an author to the question asked in the essay.

As long as the introductory paragraph is what any essay begins with, it has to be capturing, fascinate a reader`s mind and imagination and makes him/her to where h/she wants to continue. Think over possible hooks to capture your reader. Only then your reader will be unable to step aside and there will be no hesitation whether to keep on going and proceed reading. Read more … »

Conclusion of an essay

How to write a conclusion for an essay.

“Performance requirements”

            A way to write an effective essay is not only about its key idea or thesis statement but about its conclusion also. A conclusion is important just like introduction and body paragraphs of the essay. You put your thesis statement into the introduction section of your essay. Before that, you may write down an outline to structure your paper. Then, express supportive thoughts to make your thesis stronger in the body paragraphs. What is a conclusion in an essay? Conclusion is a concise summarizing of what was discussed in the essay. Try to make it memorable so a reader kept it in mind for a while after finishing reading the essay. It might be provoking, flourish verbally, catchy to cut it short. Look at it as if it was a dancing performance. You are a dancer on the paper. Your introduction is your entrance upon the stage, your body paragraphs are the dance itself and the conclusion is your graceful bend in the end.

conclusion essayJust like every performance needs to be announced about beforehand by means of mass media, make a “flier” of your essay conclusion with the help of transition. Lead your reader to a conclusion giving him/her a cue so they paid their attention to it. It is optional though if you believe it is clear enough that you are going to end your essay, then you surely may omit transition. Never begin your conclusion with the following transitions though – in conclusion, finally, in summary, to sum up, in the end… It works for presentations in the oral form though.

Each body paragraph has to begin with a topic sentence. What goes next should coincide with this sentence. Avoid confusing your reader no matter what section of the essay that is. Every piece of information needs to flow like water – nicely, smoothly, and logically. The water will never run the other way if only you point it that way by hand. Try the following, take these topics sentences and rewrite them dividing into two or three sentences. Do not summarize what you write. You will do it later, in conclusion section. Read more … »

Writing an essay

How to write a good essay.

            There is a stereotype that an essay is a piece of literary writing, that only schoolchildren and students are those ones who write essays as an assignment at schools, colleges and universities. Normally they hate it because it is time consuming to think it over and come up with something worthy and up to the point so the teacher was satisfied and gave a good mark. Writing can be pleasurable. Are you surprised? Try for yourself then. Once you get started, you might begin to enjoy it and write not only because of being assigned to write but also just for yourself, for your pleasure, it might become your hobby or have a great influence on a choice of your future profession. Needless to say, that to be able to write well, which means interesting and entertaining, one should read a lot to have a copious vocabulary unless you have a good imagination. Why not? It is entirely possible. One way or another, reading does not hurt but is rather useful habit. It develops one`s personality and broadens one`s outlook.

Let us return to our muttons, an essay. What is it then you might wonder. You are wondering hopefully because it is a fascinating journey. It is literary related naturally, a composition on a certain topic, written in prose, interpretively, analytically or speculatively. In case you were not assigned on writing on a particular subject, this is where fun begins as long as you may write about anything really. Read more … »

Thematic essay

How to write a thematic essay.

          thematic essay  To write a thematic or a theme essay, one should stay focused on the given task. Before you begin writing such kind of an essay, pre-writing might help with a better accomplishment of the task. It is important to organize and make an analysis of the information for the task. In addition, it would be useful to look through the rubric of scores. The highest score is five and it is necessary to meet the requirements to get the highest score.

First of all, read the task you have carefully. Pay special attention in order to underline the portions of the information, which are the most significant. You may draw some sort of a table with the aim to organize the information labeling them as the tasks and the heading of the topic you would want to discuss.

Make a thematic essay outline, which will serve well in organization of your paper. As for the further structure, thematic essay has the following sections: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction of your thematic essay makes it clear what you tend to show with your paper. You get your reader introduced with what you are going to talk about through your thematic essay. Do not forget about the title page. Read more … »

Synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essay.

            synthesis essayYou might be confused just because of the word synthesis. Who studied biology well knows what synthesis means but even those ones who actually know what it is, find it rather difficult when it comes to writing an essay based on synthesis. To synthesize means to combine, to bring all pieces together. In order to write a good synthesis essay, you should be able to chew on the question you decided to write a synthesis essay on and present it in an organized, get-able form.

First of all, get the concept. Every essay has a purpose. The purpose of a synthesis essay is to make connections between the sections of the work with the aim to present the topic fully. There are different kinds of a synthesis essay, which are argument synthesis essay – it has a strong thesis clearly presenting an author`s point of view. It contains information, which is relevant, based on research, explained logically to support the thesis statement. Read more … »

Summary essay

How to write a summary essay.

            summary essayTo be able to summarize is a very important skill and one of the most important to have for writing different types of papers. To summarize means to explicate some topic briefly but well enough for a reader to get an idea at the first time of reading. To pick what is the most significant out of all the information is highly important because there is no need to mention each detail out of an article or whatever it is. Your reader should be presented with what is the most important only. If you do not mention the key things about the piece, the whole meaning of the summary will be lost.

Of course, it is impossible to write a summary on something you do not understand therefore, you need to figure what you are going to write about so you wrote a right summary on a piece. Moreover, there are strategies, which help with correct selection of information while reading to be able to write correct summaries. One of these strategies is called a reader`s summary writing which you learn how to write a summary for yourself. When you are done writing, look the text through one more time to be sure you did not omit anything vital. Read more … »

Satirical (satire) essay

How to write a satirical essay.

            satirical essayTo be able to write a satirical essay one should know what satire means first. Satire is one of literary genres in which an author shows someone`s foolishness with derision and scorn by means of sarcasm, irony and ridicule. Therefore, satirical or satire essays are based on humor, irony and a pinch of hyperbole with the aim to poke fun or criticize someone or something. As for satire essay topics, celebrities, political figures, event objects are normally what this kind of an essay are aimed at. Government has always been criticized and satire was like a safe way to do so.

Even though a satirical essay might seem to be just for fun, to entertain its readers, the author tries to find, give and make a reader see actually useful information, which might hit like a ton of bricks. In order to learn how to do writing satirically, you need to understand those techniques, which are used for the purpose and style of the content within your essay. Read more … »

SAT essay prompts

How to write a SAT essay.

SAT essayFirst thing, you need to do to write a good SAT essay is to create a template. Take a stand upon a certain matter and support it with strong arguments providing with relevant examples. You may do it by means of a 5-paragraph essay, which is a classical form of an essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs and, of course, a conclusion. There might be an outline before the introduction, which is a plan of the whole paper serving for easier navigation. It may be a straight arrow essay you feel confident about, and then remove all the particular references to the chosen theme. Make your thesis statement sound so it could be comprehensive but get-a-able and catchy. Then create a prototypical essay with all the specifics being deleted. Creating such a template works very well for introduction and conclusion paragraphs of an essay. It does not have to be a long essay. A short, up to the point is better than a long rambling one. Further, let us consider a tip on writing body paragraphs. Read more … »